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Tips on Driving Safely in Foggy Weather in UAE

Tips on Driving Safely in Foggy Weather in UAE
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Foggy Weather in UAE

The winter climate is a blessing for the residents of UAE as it means that they no longer must deal with the searing and scorching heat. Winter, however, comes with its distinctive set of problems, such as fog etc. While fog may have not obviously appeared to be a serious problem for the residents, but you would get a different viewpoint once you get behind the wheels of your rental car in Foggy Weather in UAE. It is definite hazard, but do not worry just yet. We have compiled a complete guide including handy tips to enhance road safety when you drive in UAE’s tarnished foggy season. Foggy weather is a hazard for drivers in the UAE and as it can lead to, sometime, fatal accidents.

Keep your fog lights on:

Fog lights, which are a lawful and legal requirement in different parts of the world, are present in most of the modern cars. Turn them on while driving until you are much clear of the fog and turn them off when the fog set off as keeping them on will impress other motorists.

Stop your car at a service station:

If you have already started your journey in UAE and you are finding it very difficult to drive because of the foggy weather, you must slow down it and stop your car at any rest area / service station. You can also inform your immediate contact person or immediate boss in prior that you have stopped the journey and will be reached in the office once it is safe to drive on the road. Rent a car agency always guide to the customer when renting a car.

Always use dipped headlights:

Always keep your headlights on while driving in foggy weather and you always make sure that your head lights are dipped. Do not drive with your main headlight beams on as they are very dangerous to the increasing traffic and stares other motorists.

It is always good to make sure that headlights of your car’s are automatically switched on.

Drive only if it’s necessary:

If the weather is very foggy on the road and it is very difficult to drive, inform your boss that you will be a little bit late. Always concentrate on your safety as it is the most important thing in life.

You can also listen to the traffic updates on the radio to keep yourself updated about the foggy weather and current situation of the country.

Maintain a Safe Distance:

Driving too close to the other vehicles could possibly put you in dangers on the way. If the vehicle ahead of your car must make a sudden stop, it will cause you to hit your vehicle straight away with them. So, it is highly recommended for your safety to maintain a safe road distance from the vehicle going in front of your car. You will notice that updated luxury rent a car have many sensors which indicate when the distance will be narrow.

Avoid Changing Lanes:

Unless you must, it is best if you avoid too frequently changing lanes. Changing lanes constantly and frequently can possibly and potentially lead to an unpleasant crash in foggy weather, as the vehicles behind you would almost certainly not be able to see you in such weather. So, move slowly and stay almost in one lane.

Fog in Dubai

Switch the heater on inside your car:

Concentration might build up an inside your car when the weather is very foggy. This will adversely affect your view and visibility. So, it is better to keep your heater always on as this will avoid the buildup of condensation and will help you to make your windows clear.

Hazards lights off:

While driving in UAE with foggy weather, driver should keep their Hazard Lights OFF. However, it is a very well-known fact that when you drive at night or in a foggy weather, you must keep your hazard lights on, not only for the safety purposes but also to make other motorists aware of the danger going in front of you.


Table of Contents
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