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VIN Explained: Uses, Imortance and Check Vin Number

Well, it is true! Numerous people in Dubai and UAE prefer buying a used car from a dealership than buying a brand new one. This trend will continue this year 2024 because of its cost-effectiveness. However, there are important considerations when buying a used car such as verifying the chassis


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the VIN Number when buying a used car?

VIN actually shows the identity and history of the car that it was not used as fraudulent in the past.

Where can you find the VIN on the car?

You can find it in various places like under the hood, door side, front of frame, driver’s windscreen etc.

What should I do if the VIN on the car doesn’t match?

It is the warning sign that it can be a fraud. You should do further investigating.

What can be another reason for not showing cars on the system?

A car might not appear in the system if it's not legally registered in the UAE.

How do I know that it can be a stolen car?

The damaged VIN shows that the car has been tempered due to theft.

What details can I get from the VIN number?

The VIN number actually shows the brand, date, model and location of manufacturing.

Is it necessary to have car insurance in Dubai and the UAE?

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Dubai and the UAE to protect your investment and savings.