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Dubai Luxury Car Rental  

Elevate your travel experience with our wide fleet of Luxury Car Rental in Dubai.

Step into a world of sophistication, and comfort and travel through the city with style.

Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

It is best for attending a prestigious event or exploring iconic landmarks. Our luxury car rentals are tailored to exceed your expectations. Get ready to make a statement on the roads of Dubai with our exceptional fleet of luxury car rental Dubai.

Dubai’s Fascination with Supercars:

Dubai has gained global attention for its fascination with supercars. Videos showcase the city’s luxurious lifestyle and thrilling desert adventures. The UAE has become a magnet for rare and powerful vehicles. Even from sand buggies to sleek Ferraris and Rolls Royces cruising the streets. This deep-rooted car culture traces back to the early days. The people navigate the challenging desert terrain. They foster a love for cars and the pursuit of speed and power.

The Love for SUVs in Dubai:

Despite the development of a futuristic urban landscape, the love for large SUVs Retnals like the Nissan Patrol rental and Toyota Land Cruiser rental remains strong in Dubai. Alongside the sleek supercars, these robust vehicles command equal respect on the roads. Thus, reflecting the diverse taste and preferences of the city’s car enthusiasts.

What makes Moosa’s Luxury Car Rental Dubai attractive?

Although Moosa’s luxury car rental Dubai is a big name in the city, we don’t sacrifice customer trust at any cost. Search for new and reliable things every time to make our customers satisfied.

Exclusive Airport Pickup Service: 

Arrive in Dubai and let our dedicated Mercedes rental Dubai service cater to your needs. We’ll pick you up from Dubai International Airport (DXB) and ensure a seamless transfer to your hotel, attraction, or office in Dubai. Start your journey with comfort in luxury car rental Dubai airport.

Indulge in Prestige and Comfort: 

A range of fleets is available to Moosa car rental Dubai, including Bentley Rental Dubai or Audi Rental Dubai. Experience an unparalleled experience of excellence, status, and comfort. Only settle for something extraordinary regarding your luxury car rental needs.

Make a Lasting Impression:

Visiting iconic attractions like Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo or Jumeirah Beach Hotel? Go for luxury Car rental Dubai to leave a lasting impression on your business partners, acquaintances, friends, or potential clients. Elevate your presence with a prestigious and stylish vehicle.

Best Packages according to your Budget:

We offer affordable rates and an unbeatable selection of luxury cars. You can indulge in the ultimate driving experience without compromising prestige. Discover Dubai’s most affordable luxury car rental on per day rental, weekly rental, or monthly car rental, and make your time in this magnificent city truly unforgettable.

2022 Range Rover Hse sports 360 Rental in Dubai

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Choose Your Dream Ride: 

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you get behind the wheel of a sports coupe. Experience premium convertible, or luxurious SUV. Explore the vibrant streets of Sheikh Zayed Road. Our luxury car rental in Dubai service offers an exceptional fleet. Some of the renowned brands are Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Audi, and more. You can select the perfect vehicle that matches your style and preferences with us.

Make a Statement with Ferrari Rental Dubai: 

Visit the most iconic landmarks of Dubai like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, or The Dubai Mall in style with our Ferrari rental Dubai service. When you drive through the city in a symbol of power, elegance, and status, people will look at you and remember you.

Variety and comfort that can’t be beaten:

We offer a great variety of fleets in our collection. No matter what you want, place a call to our customer service, and they will guide you through everything. You are free to move around the city or other cities if you book online a luxury car. Our priority is to provide you with comfort and style. Our rental fleet ranges from fast cars like Lamborghini, Porsches, Ferraris, and McLarens to luxury cars like BMWs, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royces, Audi, and more.

Book Online for Affordable Rates!

Enjoy the convenience of online booking and secure the sports car rental of your dreams at the most affordable rates. Our competitive prices make luxury car rentals a reality for all car enthusiasts. Book now and elevate your driving experience to new heights Experience the epitome of automotive excellence with our luxury car rental service.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

The cost of hiring a luxury car in Dubai varies depending on the car model, duration of rental, and other factors. Contact the car rental companies directly

Can I rent a luxury car without a credit card in Dubai?

Some car rental companies accept cash or debit card payments for the security deposit. Filter the companies based on your preferred payment mode and contact them directly.

Can we rent luxury cars in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent luxury cars in Dubai. Browse the live car rental offers on our platform and contact the listed car rental companies to book a luxury car for your desired dates.

How to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

To rent a luxury car in Dubai, visit our platform and check out the live luxury car rental offers. Contact the car rental companies via phone or WhatsApp, discuss your requirements, and provide the necessary documents to secure your booking.

Are luxury cars cheaper in Dubai?

Yes, luxury cars are comparatively less expensive in Dubai as compared to other countries.

What do I need to rent a car and drive to Dubai?

To rent a car in Dubai, you need to be at least 25 years old and have a current driver's licence. Residents of the UAE will need a copy of their Emirates ID and UAE driver's licence. At the same time, tourists will need their passport, a visit visa, a driving licence from their home country.

Why do I have to put down a deposit?

The security deposit is needed by car rental companies as insurance against any damage or fines that might happen during the rental period. It will be returned if the car is returned in the same state as agreed.

Does the car rental price include insurance?

Yes, car rental prices typically include basic insurance coverage per the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) regulations.

Can I rent a car in Dubai and drive it to Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can rent luxury car rental Dubai and drive it to any city of UAE.

What's included and excluded in the rental price?

The rental price typically includes the regular mileage limit, standard insurance coverage, and delivery/pickup within Dubai for luxury and sports cars. Fuel, toll charges, parking fees, additional mileage, and VAT are usually excluded.