Monthly Car Rental Dubai

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AED 450.00/Day
AED 9999.00 /Month
4 Doors
AED 440.00/Day
AED 7900.00 /Month
AED 749.00/Day
AED 1290 .00 /Month
AED 1,799.00/Day
AED 2,699.00/Day
AED 55900.00 /Month
AED 730.00/Day
AED 21900.00 /Month
2 Doors

Car Rental Dubai Monthly 

Are you tired of the hassle and expense of owning a car in Dubai? Looking for reliable transportation without breaking the bank? Consider the cheapest monthly car rental services instead! Renting one every month offers not only cost efficiency but flexibility as well. This ultimate guide explores cheap monthly car rentals in Dubai and long-term hire deals as low as AED 600 per month; fasten your seat belts for this adventure!

Rates start at just AED 500 per month. Yes! Isn’t it amazing? We offer the best yet cheapest Car Rental in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and beyond.

Long-Term Car Rental Services in Dubai/UAE

Moosa Rent a Car offers cheap monthly car rentals Dubai for visitors, residents, and locals in the UAE. Whether you need a monthly car rental or more, we have covered you with our flexible and affordable rates.

Cheap monthly Car Rental in Dubai:

We understand that our customers have different car rental needs and budgets, so we offer various options for Car rentals in Dubai. It starts from AED 500 per month, AED 800 per month, and AED 1000 per month. Our rental rates are the cheapest as compared to other Car rental companies in Dubai/UAE. Our lowest offer is to rent a car for AED 500 per month.

Monthly Rental Car Options

Long-term car rental in Dubai can be an economical and time-saving solution for visitors who require transportation for an extended period. Having your wheels makes life easier and gives you flexibility.

Dubai Monthly Car Rentals

Regarding monthly car rentals in Dubai, various options meet any budget and preference. From compact cars to luxury sedans and SUVs – even sports cars! – there are vehicles tailored specifically to your requirements.

One of the major benefits of long-term car rental is its cost savings compared to daily or weekly rentals, with monthly rates beginning as little as AED 800, making renting more manageable over an extended period, allowing you to enjoy driving your vehicle without breaking the bank!

Long-term car rental not only offers affordability but also added convenience. Most rental companies provide flexible terms and conditions to tailor the rental period to your plans; whether you need it for one month or multiple, you can extend or shorten it as necessary.

Long-term rentals often come with added perks like free maintenance and roadside assistance, alleviating unexpected repair costs or being stuck at the side of the road should something go wrong with your rented car. For an enjoyable long-term car rental experience in Dubai, you must select a reputable company with reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. Before making your choice, take time to research different providers.

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Choose your Monthly Car Rental

Browse our website or mobile app to select the car of your choice for daily, weekly, or Monthly Car Rental.

  • Submit Your Documents:

For monthly car rental, we require a few documents. Provide them to the company.

  • Confirm Your Booking:

Once your documents are submitted, our team will review them and confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation email or message with all the rental details, including the pickup location, time, and rental period.

  • Pick up your Car:

On the day of your monthly car rental, come to the designated pickup location and show your original documents to our representative. Get your keys and enjoy your time.

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  • Free Delivery for Monthly Car Rental Dubai 

Moosa Rent a Car offers free delivery services for monthly car rentals in different cities of the UAE, including Rent a Car Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Ras al Khaimah. You can also rent a car for AED 500 per month without additional delivery fees.

Book with us to take advantage of this incredible offer and travel elegantly wherever you wish.

  • Sanitized and Disinfected Cars for Monthly Rentals

At Moosa Rentals, we prioritize the safety and health of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. All of our cars are 100% sanitized and disinfected regularly, following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Feel free to rent a car monthly, weekly, or daily rental with peace of mind knowing that your health is our top priority.

Important Things to know before Booking Monthly Car Rental 

Importance of Location and Fast Delivery for Car Rental Services:

Always go for a Car Rental that is located near you or offers fast delivery in your location can save you time and effort.

  • Check for Damages Before:

Before Taking the Rental Car, inspecting it for any existing dents or scratches is crucial. Taking a video of the car and taking close-up pictures of the existing damages can help avoid misunderstandings later.

  • Use a Credit Card for Security Deposit:

When providing a security deposit for your Car Rental in Dubai, it’s always best to use a credit card for pre-authorization. This block will automatically release after 20-30 days from the end date of your rental. On the other hand, we also offer the services of rent a car without deposit.

Contact Us Without Hesitation

The Monthly Car Rental Service is easy to use. As there is no complex procedure or paperwork. We do not charge any hidden costs, providing maximum transparency and customer pleasure. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the fuel charges for car rental in Dubai?

Car rental will have to pay the fuel charges. It depends on where you rent the car in Dubai for the month. Sometimes, cars come with fuel, so always take a picture of the fuel gauge, as you have to return it with the same fuel level.

What if the weather worsened and we failed to deliver the Car on time?

Contact the company for any emergency situation.

Is it necessary to submit all required documents at the time of booking?

Yes, it is necessary because, with these, you are eligible fir car rental services in Dubai.

Is there any car for AED 500 for a monthly rental?

Yes, you can confirm your booking by contacting our customer service.

How many drivers can I hire for monthly car rental?

You can book for up to 3 drivers by paying extra charges.

Can I drive the monthly car rental in Dubai with an international license?

Yes, you can enjoy driving on your own, but only those Licenses are valid for a company in UAE.

For how many mileages can I rent a monthly car rental?

It depends on you. There is unlimited mileage allowed for monthly car rentals in Dubai.

What is a monthly car rental?

A monthly car rental is a long-term rental option where you rent a car for a period of one month or more.

How long can I rent a car on a monthly basis?

Monthly car rentals typically start at 30 days, but many rental companies offer flexibility for longer durations.

Is a monthly rental cost-effective compared to shorter-term rentals?

Monthly rentals often offer lower daily rates compared to shorter-term rentals. Thus, making them cost-effective for extended stays.

Are there any mileage restrictions on monthly rentals?

Some monthly rentals may have mileage limits, so inquire about unlimited mileage options if needed.

Can I switch cars during my monthly rental period?

Some rental companies allow vehicle swaps. While others may require you to keep the same car for the entire period.

Do I need to return the car for maintenance during a monthly rental?

Routine maintenance is typically not required, but if any issues arise, contact the rental company for assistance.

What happens if I need to return the car before the end of the month?

You may be charged for the full month, so check the rental agreement for early return policies.

Can I add additional drivers to a monthly rental agreement?

Yes, most rental companies allow you to add additional drivers for an extra fee.

Is insurance included in a monthly car rental?

Insurance is usually a separate cost, so review your options and choose coverage that suits your needs.

How can I find the best deal on a monthly car rental?

Compare rates from different rental companies, consider loyalty programs, and look for promotions or discounts for extended rentals.