Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Vehicle Price Range
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AED 22AED 52,000
Car Brands
Car Brands
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Car Types
Vehicle Price Range
Vehicle Price Range - slider
AED 22AED 52,000
Car Brands
Car Brands
More Brands
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AED 190 /day
AED 4700 /mo.
AED 200 /day
AED 4000 /mo.
AED 350 /day
AED 7500 /mo.
AED 400 /day
AED 7500 /mo.
AED 700 /day
AED 20000 /mo.
AED 600 /day
AED 12000 /mo.

Monthly Car Hire Dubai

Are you tired of the hassle and expense of owning a car in Dubai? Looking for reliable transportation without breaking the bank? Consider the cheapest Monthly Car Rental Dubai! Renting one every month offers not only cost efficient, but flexibility as well. This ultimate guide explores cheap monthly car rentals in Dubai and long-term hire deals as low as AED 600 per month; fasten your seat belts for this adventure!

Rates start at just AED 500 per month. Yes! Isn’t it amazing? We offer the best yet cheap Car Rental in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and beyond.

Why Choose Monthly Car Rental Dubai with Us?

Moosa Car Rental is one of the best monthly car rental services persons may use in Dubai now. Our premium rental cars from renowned brands like Cadillac, Hyundai, and Ford and affordable high-end 4X4s with advanced equipments in our management. With huge value to ensure no extra costs are involved, we also include many extra perks and services.

Affordable Rental Car Solutions in Dubai:

By offering best cheap car rental Dubai monthly package, we allow you to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at uncompromised prices that are unrivalled anywhere else. Exploit the full chance of reliable transport you can access without financial burden.

Monthly Rental Plans That Are Easy to Utilize:

Monthly Car Rental Dubai offers a perfect rental system that makes commuting fast and seamless. Car Rental Dubai on a monthly basis is just what you need to avoid struggling with transport. You can drive without a car on the very same day.

Large Monthly Mileage Limits in Dubai:

Dubai’s monthly mileage restriction offers a much simpler means to travel with the advantage of affordable car rental. Mortgage as much and as often as you need without worrying about excessive miles charges! Also, you can select any of the cars provided as your mode of transport.

Wide Range of Fleet:

Rent a car from our many top-class cars and forget your car rental troubles in Dubai with us! And more, profit from free service and maintenance that becomes part of the rent – we will make your driving fun! Drivers of car rental companies take care of your vehicle as a part of the rental agreement and at no extra expense!

24-hour on-Call Assistance:

Enjoy the relaxed driving time as you use Monthly Car Rental Dubai. We are just a call away, wherever you are, with roadside assistance available 24/7/365, we have your back through our dedicated team that is available all the time to assist you; thus, it is worry-free to drive.

Pay Safely in Dubai:

The following have been provided to you as safe and easy payment options. Our car rental payments in Dubai are fast, secure, and simple, and they offer you multiple options to ensure every payment transaction takes place the way it is supposed to and safely.

Long-term car rental in Dubai can be an economical and time-saving solution for visitors who require transportation for an extended period. Having your wheels makes life easier and gives you flexibility.

Car Rental Monthly Dubai

Regarding Best Monthly Car Rental Dubai, various options meet any budget and preference. From compact cars to luxury sedans and SUVs – even sports cars! – there are vehicles tailored specifically to your requirements.

We understand that our customers have different car rental needs and budgets, so we also offer various options for Daily and Weekly Rentals in Dubai. Our rental rates are the cheapest compared to other Car rental companies in Dubai/UAE. Our lowest offer is to rent a car for AED 500 per month.

Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Important Things to Know Before Booking Monthly Car Rental Dubai:

Importance of Location:

Always go for a Car Rental that is located near you or offers fast delivery in your location can save you time and effort.

Check for Damages Before:

Before Taking the Rental Car, inspecting it for any existing dents or scratches is crucial. Taking a video of the car and taking close-up pictures of the existing damages can help avoid misunderstandings later.

Use a Credit Card for Security Deposit:

When providing a security deposit for your Car Rental in Dubai, it’s always best to use a credit card for pre-authorization. This block will automatically be released after 20-30 days from the end date of your rental. On the other hand, we also offer the services of rent a car without a deposit.

Long-Term Car Rental Services in Dubai/UAE:

Moosa Rent a Car offers rent a car for aed 500 per month in Dubai for visitors, residents, and locals in the UAE. Whether you need a monthly car rental or more, we have covered you with our flexible and affordable rates.

Benefits of Long-Term Car Rental Dubai:

One of the major benefits of long-term car rental is its cost savings compared to daily or weekly rentals, with monthly rates beginning as little as AED 800, making renting more manageable over an extended period, allowing you to enjoy driving your vehicle without breaking the bank!

Long-term car rental not only offers affordability but also added convenience. Most rental companies provide flexible terms and conditions to tailor the rental period to your plans; whether you need it for one month or multiple, you can extend or shorten it as necessary.

Car Rental for aed 500 per month often comes with added perks like free maintenance and roadside assistance, alleviating unexpected repair costs, or being stuck at the side of the road should something go wrong with your rented car. For an enjoyable long-term car rental experience in Dubai, you must select a reputable company with reliable vehicles and excellent customer service. Before making your choice, take time to research different providers.

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The Monthly Car Hire Dubai is easy to use as there is no complex procedure or paperwork. We do not charge any hidden costs, providing maximum transparency and customer pleasure with our Luxury, Sedans, Sports, and 7-seater car Rentals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars can I rent for the cheapest monthly car rental in Dubai?

Dubai's most affordable monthly rental car has a wide selection of cars ranging from SUVs and sedans to luxurious vehicles. It is possible to pick a car that suits your budget as well as the needs of your passengers.

How much is the monthly rental of a car in Dubai?

The monthly rental cost is based on the type of car and rental agent. Be prepared to spend more on luxurious cars and SUVs. Find bargains and compare the prices on the internet.

What documents do I need to rent the best monthly car rental in Dubai?

You'll require a driver's licence in good condition, a passport, and a credit card.

Are there mileage limitations on monthly car rentals in Dubai?

Certain rentals have limits on the mileage. Unlimited mileage is usually available, but it can impact the total cost. Contact the rental agent before you go.

Does the monthly rental price include insurance?

Basic insurance usually comes with it. However, check the policy. It is possible to purchase an additional policy to ensure assurance.

How does the gas policy work for monthly car rentals in Dubai?

Cars for rental are usually hired with a full tank and are expected to return the vehicle fully. Find the policy of the Company for more specifics.

Can I add extra drivers to my monthly car rental in Dubai?

You can usually have additional drivers added for the cost of a charge. Check that the drivers all meet the standards of the rental agency.

Where can I pick up and drop off my monthly car rental in Dubai?

Many rental companies offer pick-up and drop-off services at airports or in your hotel. Check these out when you book your rental.

Are there any additional fees besides the rental price in Dubai?

There are tolls for certain roads within Dubai. Make sure to inquire with the rental agent about tolls and any extra fees.

Any tips for renting a car monthly in Dubai?

Find the most competitive bargains, check prices, and add options. Consider the type of car you require, the mileage limits, and other ins and pardons.