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Cheap Car Rental Dubai Offers

Unleash the Road with Our Affordable Car Rentals

Looking for unbeatable car rental in Dubai? Book now your Cheap Rent a Car with Moosa Rent a Car! Enjoy incredible rental rates starting from just AED 19. We’ve got an exclusive offer just for our top rental buyers of the month! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

AED 39 /day
AED 1070 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1350 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1470 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1470 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1490 /mo.
AED 69 /day
AED 1370 /mo.
AED 39 /day
AED 1070 /mo.
AED 99 /day
AED 2700 /mo.
Get Rent a Car for a
First Day at 19 AED
*Promocode: New-Customer
AED 100 /day
AED 1700 /mo.
AED 100 /day
AED 2300 /mo.
AED 120 /day
AED 2200 /mo.
AED 120 /day
AED 2900 /mo.
AED 120 /day
AED 4000 /mo.
AED 300 /day
AED 4500 /mo.
AED 500 /day
AED 7000 /mo.
AED 850 /day
AED 15000 /mo.

Luxury & Sports Rent a Car in Dubai

Unleash the Luxury Car Experience
Nissan Patrol Car Rental Dubai

Nissan Patrol 2023

Ford Mustang 2022 rental Dubai

Ford Mustang

Jaguar F-Pace Car Rental Dubai

Jaguar F-Pace

toyota Landcruiser rental Dubai

Toyota Land Cruiser VXR 2023

BMW 730LI Rental in Dubai

BMW 730Li

mercedes G63 Rental dubai

Mercedes Benz G63

Bentley Bentayga rental

Bentley Bentayga

Mclaren 720s Spider Rental

McLaren Spider 720s

Chauffeur Services Dubai

Unleash the Luxury Car Experience

Requirements for Rent a Car Dubai

Endless Roads in Dubai


Rent a Car Dubai

for our rentals


For Non-UAE Residents

In addition to the above requirements, all renters are required to provide the following documents:

  • Driving License
  • Emirates ID (for U.A.E. Residents)
  • Visa Copy (for Non-UAE Residents)

We value our customers and strive to provide excellent services at Moosa Rent a Car Company in Dubai. Our rental process is simple and efficient, so you can focus on your travels and leave the rest to us. Contact us today to book your car for rent and experience the best of Dubai at your own pace.

How It Works

With just a few clicks, you can browse our wide variety of car rentals in Dubai and select the best fit for your needs, whether for a business meeting, family gathering, or weekend drive in the desert. Rent a car is easy and convenient with our four-step process:

search car dubai

Search a Car

Browse and select the Car that best suits your needs from thousands of rental options.

select car dubai

Select Your Car

Once you’ve found the Car you want hire, select it and confirm its availability.

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Paying Options

We offer multiple payment options for car rental, including credit/debit card or direct deposit.

get drive

Get Drive

We guarantee you for a safe and pleasant journey with a comfortable driving experience.

  • Self-drive car rental (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Rent a car with driver (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Limousine service
  • Office pickup and drop-off service

Affordable Luxury Car Rentals in UAE

We understand the importance of personal transportation in Dubai and the U.A.E. We provide cheapest rent a car Dubai to our customers with 24/7 customer service support. Our affordable luxury car rentals are perfect for those who want to experience the luxury and comfort of driving a high-end car without breaking the bank.

Years of Trust and Satisfied Customers

With over 11 years of experience in the rental industry, we have proudly served more than 55,000 satisfied clients. Many of our customers have been enjoying our top-rated car rental services in Dubai for years. When they seek a change from their usual ride, we promptly offer the best available options to meet their evolving needs and preferences.

Exceptional Customer Service

Moosa Car Rental Company proudly offers extraordinary customer service. We recognize that rent a car Dubai can be a complex undertaking, particularly for visitors to the city. For this reason, 24-hour customer service is available for you. Our crew is always available to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the best rental automobile for your needs.

Our online car rental process is simple and hassle-free. Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

    • Research and choose your preferred rental car in Dubai from a vast collection of rental vehicles.
    • Select your payment method from our various online options. 
    • You can pick up your rental car from our office or use our free drop-off service at your location.


The Ultimate Experience of Travelling in Dubai

Book our rent a car Dubai to make your holidays memorable. To satisfy your needs, we offer a wide range of luxury car rental in Dubai, including all models of S.U.V.s. We have the best Car for you, from the Infiniti QX60 to the Toyota Fortuner, Land Rover to Range Rover, BMW X5 to X6, and Mitsubishi Pajero to Nissan Patrol

Our vehicle fleet is large enough to facilitate all types of tourism, including sightseeing trips or a fun-filled weekend break.


Rephrase with Ginger (Ctrl+Alt+E)
  • Talking on a cell phone while driving is prohibited
  • Wearing a seat belt is mandatory in Dubai/U.A.E.
  • Drinking and driving can lead to imprisonment, so it’s essential to avoid it
  • A minimum of third-party insurance is required for driving in U.A.E.
  • Salik charges of 6 AED per trip apply
  • Each road and street has its own speed limit, so be vigilant about the road signs
  • Drivers must carefully follow the Zebra crossing rules to avoid any violations.
cheap car rental dubai
car rental dubai

Our Testimonials

Listen what our customers have to say about our Dubai car rental services. 
As Moosa rent a car is appreciated by thousands of its clients

Stories from our Valued Clients
John Doe
Read More
One of the best luxury & cheapest monthly car rental companies in Dubai. Moosa rent a Car is something I never experienced, You will find them, they provide awesome services and always give you the best service and special deals if you hire a car with them 5 stars are not enough for this company.
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We enjoyed a lot traveling in Dubai, and it's a great experience driving a car from you guys. I loved all your luxurious car rentals in Dubai, and I wish I could rent it all soon. I experienced two of your luxury cars next time I will try another car also. Thanks again guys
Read More
Helpful and nice people. The car was super clean and sanitize. No problem at all best rates for cheapest car rental. The staff are so friendly 24 hours available. I recommend this company with no doubt for rent a car monthly, daily rental for car rental Dxb.
Read More
Firstly, I truly appreciate Moosa's cheapest car rental services as most of the time I'm not traveling for my company outdoors working. They have a new model with good customer support who is always ready to help me. MANY THANKS

Why Choose Us

Why should I pick a proficient rent a car Dubai company service?

Experience the Best Car Rental with Moosa Rent a Car Dubai

Enjoy a hassle-free and luxurious journey with Moosa Rent a Car Dubai. They offer great cars and excellent car rental service, making your trip easy and fun.

The Hassle-Free Way to Rent a Car in Dubai

Are you tired of the lengthy paperwork and hidden charges of Car rental agencies? Look no further than Moosa Car Rentals. With our transparent and hassle-free renting process, you can focus solely on enjoying your ride.

Free Delivery for Monthly Rentals

As a token of appreciation for our valued customers, we offer free delivery for our monthly car rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman & Ras al Khaimah. Rent a car from us today and experience the convenience of hassle-free driving.


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Luxury Car Rental with Professional Drivers

Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with our chauffeur service in Dubai. We offer a range of luxury cars from top brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz, along with experienced drivers who will take care of all your transportation needs. Whether you’re traveling with family, corporate clients, or V.I.P.s, our chauffeur service is the perfect choice for hassle-free travel in Dubai.

The Best Chauffeur Service in Dubai

Looking for a reliable and affordable chauffeur service in Dubai? We offer a wide range of V.I.P. And economical vehicles to suit your needs, along with on-time transportation, streamlined services, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With us, you can enjoy your Dubai trip with comfort and style.

Easy Hiring Options

We make it easy for you to hire a car, whether by phone or online. Select the rental term and plan that suits your needs, and leave the rest to us.

Exceptional Customer Support

We realize that you need a Car anytime and anywhere in Dubai. Our online office is open 24 hours a day, a whole year, to guide you with any problems you may face.

No Issues

We provide excellent coverage and frequent preventative and corrective maintenance to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience. If there are any problems, you can use our home delivery service or replace the Car anytime.

No Paperwork

Forget about the tedious process of managing insurance, taxes, or fines. At Rent a Car Dubai, we care for everything for you.

Explore Our Car Rental Fleet in U.A.E.

Moosa rent a car provides a comprehensive and extensive inventory of rental automobiles to satisfy the needs of our U.A.E. customers. All of our rental automobiles are frequently serviced and maintained to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

We have covered whether you need a car for a short business trip or a long-term rental. Here are some examples of the vehicles we rent:


Our hatchback cars are ideal for lone travelers or small families because they are fuel-efficient and easy to drive in congested city traffic. Kia Picanto, Mitsubishi Mirage, and Chevrolet Aveo are the vehicles covered.


Our sedan vehicles are ideal for customers requiring additional space and comfort on excursions. They’re great for work excursions, family vacations, and road trips. The vehicles listed include Nissan Sunny, MG 360, MG 350, and Renault Symbol.


Our S.U.V.s are ideal for people who require additional space and adaptability. They’re ideal for off-roading, family getaways, and group trips. The vehicles covered include Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol, and Kia Sportage.


We understand that many of our customers are concerned about their money. That is why we provide affordable, fuel-efficient, and dependable rental cars.


Our hybrid vehicles are ideal for people who wish to save money on gas while simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint.

Sports Car Rental!

We have sports automobiles for thrill enthusiasts that will get your heart pounding. With their high horsepower and stylish looks, these automobiles are ideal for a fun weekend excursion.

Luxury Car Rental!

Our premium vehicles are the epitome of style and comfort. We provide the best luxury car rental alternatives for you to pick from, including Rolls Royce and Bentley. Ford Mustang convertible and BMW are among the vehicles included.

Drive More, Pay Less

Now look at some of Dubai’s budget-friendly cars for long-term car rentals. The company offers the cheapest car rental Dubai in U.A.E. whose cost starts from just 500 AED. 

At Moosa Rent a Car, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, offering even more economical prices for customers who renew their rental for another month. But that’s not all – we also offer monthly promotional deals on select cars. For example, in July, we’re offering the Kia Picanto, Renault Symbol, and Nissan Sunny at discounted rates for daily car rental and monthly rentals

  • Kia Picanto available for rent at AED 30 per day and AED 750 per month
  • Renault Symbol available for rent at AED 40 per day and AED 750 per month
  • Nissan Sunny available for rent at AED 39 per day and AED 750 per month

This is one of the many ways we strive to provide our customers with the best deals and service possible. 

Anywhere in U.A.E., Anytime

Moosa Rent a Car is proud to offer cheapest car rental dubai services in all locations across the U.A.E., including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other states. With just a quick message on WhatsApp or online booking, we can deliver your rental vehicle to any pinpoint location you provide. Our team will have the Car delivered to you within 2 hours of confirming the agreement. 

Travel in Style for Work or Pleasure with Our Economy and Exotic Rent a Car

At Rent a Car Dubai, we understand that your choice of travel depends on your unique preferences. That’s why we offer a diverse range of economy and exotic rentals collection to cater your needs. Choose from our prestigious brands for the ultimate driving experience and make your journey memorable.

Hassle-Free Airport Transfers in Dubai

Don’t let airport transportation stress you out on your next trip to Dubai. With our reliable and efficient airport transfer service, you can enjoy a seamless journey from your hotel to the airport and back again. Our V.I.P. vehicles and experienced drivers will ensure that you arrive on time and in style, while our customer-focused approach ensures your satisfaction every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a pick up and drop off option for Dubai airport as well.

You have to browse the website, select the car type, date and day, delivery time. Then attach the required documents and pay the security deposit.

Utilizе parking facilities in malls, public spaces, and designated zonеs; considеr using thе “RTA Dubai” app for rеal-timе parking availability.

The rental rate actually depends on the car type and season of booking. The rental rate for the week starts from AED 1500.

“Moosa Rеnt a Car” and “Thrifty” arе oftеn considered budget-friеndly car rеntal options in Dubai.

You have to research the market and analyze it. Then must have all the brands with competitive rates to attract the customers. Moreover, you have to be straight in dealings without hiding something.

SUVs and luxury cars arе popular choicеs in Dubai duе to thеir comfort and stylе.

The rental rate for a month starts from 2000 AED but it depends on the car type as well.

You can use google maps to find affordable car rental near me.

Economy car rеntals in Dubai typically start at AED 40 pеr day, depending on the company and rental period.

Thе car rеntal agrееmеnt еncompassеs pick-up and drop-off sеrvicеs, a daily milеagе allowancе, comprеhеnsivе insurancе, liability covеragе, and additional bеnеfits.

Dubai offеrs various parking options, including opеn-air, roadsidе, and undеrground facilitiеs; notе that drivеrs arе rеsponsiblе for finеs and parking fees in designated areas.

Off-road driving is not authorizеd, although wе offеr SUVs; specialized off-road services can bе arranged through UAE companiеs upon rеquеst.

Our comprehensive coverage includеs lifе and health insurance for all passengers and additional drivers through еxclusivе partnеrships with rеputablе insurancе agеnciеs. 

Yеs, delivery to a prearranged destination is possible, subjеct to thе rеntal company’s policiеs, accommodating your needs and prеfеrеncеs.

Thе dеposit is refunded upon completion of thе rental agreement, providеd thе car is in good condition; procеssing may takе up to 28 days, especially if thеrе аrе additional costs like toll fines.

Yes, Mosa Car Rentals offers a rare “no deposit” option. Select a designated vehicle and contact the manager for details.

You must have to rent a car for a minimum of 24 hours according to the policy.

Yеs, a 24/7 sеrvicе is availablе for brеakdowns and accidеnts, including tеchnical assistancе or towing to a nеarby garagе.

Fuеl usagе, parking еxpеnsеs, road tolls (е.g Salik), and traffic fines are not covered by thе rental fее; rеfеr to the Terms and Conditions page for details.

Yes, the renter has to pay all the salik charges in Dubai.

Most car rеntal sеrvicеs accеpt paymеnts using anothеr pеrson’s crеdit card, but secondary drivеrs require full documentation and licenses.

No, only the renter must have to drive the car in Dubai.

Extеnding thе rеntal pеriod is straightforward; contact Moosa Rеnt a car for availability, and a representative will arrange thе extension and payment.

Yes, you can rent a car for one Day from Moosa. and We have exciting offers as well for one car rental in Dubai


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