Classic Car Rental Dubai

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AED 40AED 13,500
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Vehicle Price Range
Vehicle Price Range - slider
AED 40AED 13,500
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AED 240K /mo.

Classic Car Rental in Dubai

Are you looking for a vintage car in Dubai? Moosa Rent a Car invites you to experience the old times at your disposal. Drive the classic car in the heart of Dubai and feel like a vintage hero. Dive deep into the elegance of the bygone era. It’s not just transportation, it shows the history, luxury, and style. So, if you want to experience the allure of classic car rental then book your car rental now!

Drive the Vintage Cars

Do you want to enjoy the thrill of legendary vintage car rental in Dubai just exactly like Hollywood movies? Have you ever dreamt of driving the legendary car rental in Dubai? Look no further than Moosa Rent a Car. It is here to make you turn your head from where you cruise. Get ready to cruise along the roads of Dubai and make memories. Make your dream come true.

Vintage Car Rental

We present to you the best classic cars in Dubai. Believe me, it will prove to be more than just transportation. It shows the expression of luxury and style in a glorious manner. Plan your romantic dinners, and special events, or simply plan a romantic proposal with our classic car fleet. Our well-maintained cars are waiting to make your experience memorable for a lifetime.

Iconic Models of Classic Cars

Enjoy the drive of the iconic models of classic cars in Dubai. Experience the grace of the silver screen and attract the audience of all generations with the beauty. You can drive a Jaguar E-Type and also the Chevrolet Corvette. Each of the cars is perfect in itself. Moreover, get a chance to enjoy the best design and engineering on the roads of Dubai. It will surely give you a traditional feel.

Convenient Car Rental

Moosa Rent a Car understands the need for seamless car rental. That’s why, we offer you the easy process that will let you have your classic rental car in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can enjoy the personalized pick-and-drop service as well. We make sure that you get satisfied services at all steps and never leave a stone unturned.  Make your expectations reach the next level with our fleet collection of classic car rentals in Dubai.

Events to be Attended with Vintage Cars

If you are in Dubai then why settle for ordinary? Moreover, if you are planning for an exclusive entry to any event, it will prove to be memorable. Moosa Rent a Car specializes in making all your events memorable. So, get ready to experience elegance and charm at any moment. Check out some of the events and cars that will suit you best.


Weddings are special occasions that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. So, if you had your wedding and want to do the best entry. Rent a classic car in Dubai. Enjoy the sophistication of classic Jaguar and timeless Ford. Both of these cars make your wedding memorable. Enjoy the best time with the vintage car. It will surely prove to be a one-of-its-kind and no one can match this style.  

Newborn Celebrations

Mark the joyous occasion of welcoming a new member into the family by surprising your wife with a luxurious ride from the last century. Capture the magic of your baby’s first journey with a photo or video shoot that will be cherished for years to come.

Retro Parties

Transport your guests back in time with a themed party from the 30s to the 80s. Our collection of classic cars adds an authentic touch to any retro soirée. Thus, ensuring that your event is the talk of the town.

Photo Sessions

Elevate your photo shoot with a touch of vintage glamor. Whether it’s a pre-wedding shoot, a fashion editorial, or a personal portrait session, our retro cars provide the perfect backdrop for capturing timeless moments.

Book Your Retro Car Now!

Renting a retro car with Moosa Rent a Car proved to be an easy experience. Simply search out the website, select the car and trust us. Our exclusive collection will make you speechless. You can even ride the rarest luxury car in Dubai.

  • Shelby Ford Cobra (1965)
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS (1965-1975)
  • Other iconic generations of Corvette

Make History with Retro Cars

Moosa Rent a Car offers you the best ride and makes history with you. It will prove to be the style and luxury at every moment. Don’t forget the statement “old is gold”. Elevate your experience and embrace the extraordinary with classic rental cars. Drive through the Dubai roads and make a statement that’s uniquely yours. Contact us today for the reservation of your dream vintage car.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vintage cars do you offer for rental basis in Dubai?

We offer you rare models to old beauties. Including Jaguar and Chevrolet models.

How to reserve vintage cars from Moosa Rent a Car?

Reservation is quite easy. Simply contact the team or visit the website, choose the preferred model, and select the time and date. Then leave the rest to us.

Can I book classic cars in Dubai for special events?

Yes, we offer cars for weddings, retro events, and even photoshoot events. Make your unforgettable memories with us.

What is the minimum rental period for vintage car rentals?

We offer you a flexible car rental duration including a few hours to monthly rental. So, it depends on your choice and need of reservation.

Is there any age restriction for renting a vintage car in Dubai?

Yes, the renter must be 25 years old to rent a vintage car in Dubai.

Do you offer pick-and-drop service for vintage car rentals in Dubai?

Yes, we offer convenient deliveries and pickups for vintage car rentals.