Convertible Car Rental Dubai

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AED 250AED 52,000
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Vehicle Price Range
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AED 250AED 52,000
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Convertible Car Rental

Looking to explore Dubai in the most stylish manner possible? Opt for a luxurious convertible car rental from the finest luxury car rental providers.
Take your pick from renowned rental brands like Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, and more. You can even arrange for a convertible car rental in Dubai directly from Dubai's airport terminal transportation. Moreover, kickstart your Dubai adventure with luxury car rental.

The Time is Perfect!

During the winter season, Dubai's affluent residents often unveil their convertibles. There's no better way to explore the architecture and attractions than from the seat of a convertible car. It's an experience like no other! Picture yourself cruising down JBR, arriving at a 5-star hotel or club. Moreover, avail the chance of touring the city in a standard car. Now, imagine amplifying that experience tenfold with a convertible.

Convertible Car Rental!

And the best part? It doesn’t have to break the bank. With Moosa Rent a Car, you can explore various offers for a wide range of convertible car rentals in Dubai. We cater to all preferences, from budget-friendly options like the Ford Mustang, BMW 5-series, and Audi A5. Moreover, enjoy the epitome of luxury convertibles, the Rolls Royce Dawn. Prefer an SUV? We also offer convertible SUVs, including the Range Rover Evoque Convertible!

Facilities in Convertible Cars

Convertible Car rental Dubai

Modern convertible cars come equipped with a range of facilities and features. They enhance your driving experience and comfort. While the specific amenities vary depending on the make and model of the car. Here are some common facilities you can expect to find in many convertible car rentals in Dubai:

Convertible Top Mechanism:

The defining feature of a convertible car is its retractable roof. It can be either soft-top or hard-top. Most convertibles have power-operated tops that can be easily raised or lowered with the push of a button.

Climate Control:

Convertibles typically come with efficient climate control systems. Including air conditioning and heating. Thus, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature regardless of weather conditions.

Infotainment System:

Modern convertibles are equipped with advanced infotainment systems. It includes touchscreens, navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Along with these, smartphone integration (such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) is also there.

Seating Comfort:

Convertible car seats are designed for both comfort and style. They often come with various adjustments, including lumbar support and heated or ventilated options. Enhance your driving experience.

Safety Features:

Convertibles are equipped with a range of safety features, such as airbags and antilock brakes. Moreover, enjoy the driver-assistance systems, cruise control and lane departure warning.

Storage Space:

Convertibles typically have less trunk space compared to traditional cars. It is due to the convertible top mechanism. They still offer sufficient storage for smaller luggage or personal items.

Convertible Top Operation:

Most modern convertibles have automatic convertible top mechanisms. Thus, making it convenient to raise or lower the roof quickly. Some even offer remote operation via key fob.

Driving Modes:

Many convertibles offer different driving modes. Thus, allowing you to adjust the car’s performance characteristics. Such as steering feel, throttle response, and suspension settings.

Convertible Top Materials:

The top of a convertible may be made of various materials, including fabric, vinyl, or hard panels. High-end models often feature premium materials for the top.

Wind Deflectors:

Some convertibles come with wind deflectors or screens. They can be used to reduce wind turbulence and noise when the top is down.

Adjustable Mirrors and Steering Wheel:

Convertibles typically have power-adjustable side mirrors and steering columns. Thus, allowing you to customize your driving position for maximum comfort and visibility.

Convertible-Specific Features

Certain convertibles may have unique features designed specifically for top-down driving. Such as neck-level heating systems to keep occupants warm in cooler weather.

Why Choose a Convertible in Dubai?convertible rental dubai

Choosing a convertible in Dubai offers a unique and exciting way to experience this vibrant city. Here are several compelling reasons why you might want to consider a convertible for your Dubai adventure:

Perfect Weather:

Dubai’s climate, especially during the winter months, is ideal for convertible driving. With pleasant temperatures and clear skies, you can enjoy the open-air experience.

Scenic Beauty:

Dubai boasts stunning modern architecture, picturesque coastal roads, and beautiful landscapes. A convertible allows you to take in these sights without any obstructions. Thus, providing unobstructed views of the city’s skyline, beaches, and desert surroundings.

Luxurious Lifestyle:

Dubai is synonymous with luxury, and a convertible car complements that lifestyle perfectly. A convertible adds a touch of sophistication to your journey.

Exhilarating Experience:

Driving a convertible is an exhilarating experience. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. Navigate Dubai’s well-maintained roads and make it memorable.

Instagram-Worthy Moments:

Dubai is known for its Instagram-worthy locations. A convertible car can provide you with unique photo opportunities. It captures the essence of this futuristic city.

Beach Trips:

Dubai has some stunning beach destinations like Jumeirah Beach and the Palm Jumeirah. A convertible makes it easy to access these beaches and enjoy the sun and sea.


Convertibles offer versatility. You can put the top down on pleasant days and raise it on hotter or sandstorm-prone days. Thus, ensuring you’re comfortable no matter the weather.


Driving a convertible in Dubai can make you stand out and feel exclusive. It’s a way to make a statement and enjoy a memorable experience during your stay.

 Memorable Rides:

It’s best for a romantic getaway and celebrating a special occasion. A convertible in Dubai can create lasting memories.

Reason for Choosing a Convertible in Dubai with Moosa Rent a Car?

Convertible Car rental Dubai

Moosa Rent a car offers a wide selection of convertible models, from affordable options to high-end luxury cars. You can choose a convertible that suits your style and budget.
Rent a convertible car in Dubai with Moosa Rent a Car for a premium and reliable vehicle at affordable rates. Our excellent fleet in Dubai is made up of top car brands from leading manufacturers such as BMW and Audi. Dubai’s luxury resorts and hot climate make it an ideal destination for a convertible rental.
With our brand-new convertibles, you can cruise this futuristic desert metropolis in style. Along with the top down you can get a 360-degree view of the sights. Dubai is a city that embraces the future. Moreover, it offers grand shopping malls. Features theme park attractions like indoor ski slopes, and ambitious new buildings spring up every year. All of this is set against a dramatic desert backdrop that begs to be explored with a convertible.

Dubai Convertible Rental

Dubai car rental convertible with Moosa Rent a Car for a seamless car rental experience. Our online booking system and customer service is fast and efficient. When you make your reservation online in advance, you can find out more about our locations.
Browse between different car rental deals. Then choose from a wide array of optional extras designed to make your vacation more convenient. In Dubai, our add-ons range from extra protection options to additional drivers and navigation systems. We also have incredibly flexible rental periods; choose a one-day, weekly, or long-term rental.

Compare Prices from Multiple Suppliers

Our network of suppliers is strategically located throughout Dubai. Thus, offering complimentary doorstep delivery services to your hotel or residence. You can conveniently request delivery at your preferred time. Whether you’re arriving at Dubai Airport Terminal (DXB), Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), or popular locations such as Barsha Heights, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Al Quoz, JBR, Jumeirah Beach, Al Barari, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and more.

Hassle-free Car Rental Service

You have the freedom to directly contact any of the listed rental companies and secure your rental car. These companies boast highly trained staff capable of meeting your specific needs. Feel at ease discussing your long-term, short-term, weekly, or daily rental requirements without any additional commission fees. All rental prices are inclusive of insurance, delivery and pick-up charges, as well as a standard mileage limit.

Reserve an Affordable Convertible Car Rental Service

It’s advisable to make your reservation well in advance for convertible cars. Especially since they are in high demand. Particularly during holidays, Eid, and throughout the winter season in Dubai. Don’t hesitate to negotiate if you need the car for an extended period beyond the listed price. Our car rentals provide the most competitive deals throughout the UAE. Complete with free delivery within the emirate of Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a convertible at Dubai Airport?

Yes, many rental companies offer convertible car rentals with delivery and pickup options at Dubai Airport terminals.

Do convertible rentals in Dubai include insurance?

Yes, most rental packages include basic insurance. But you can often opt for additional coverage for added peace of mind.

What is the minimum age to rent a convertible in Dubai?

The minimum age for renting a convertible in Dubai is 25 years.

Is it possible to rent a convertible for a one-way trip within Dubai?

Some rental companies offer one-way rentals within Dubai. But it's essential to confirm availability and any associated fees.

Are there any mileage limits for convertible rentals in Dubai?

Most rental agreements include a standard mileage limit. But you can often negotiate additional mileage if needed.

Can I rent a convertible for long-term use in Dubai?

Yes, many rental companies offer flexible rental periods. You can go for long-term rentals for several months or more.

Are there any restrictions on taking a convertible into neighboring Emirates?

Check with the rental company for any specific restrictions. Or requirements when taking a convertible outside of Dubai.

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a convertible in Dubai?

In most cases, a valid driver's license from your home country is sufficient for renting a car. An international license may be required for some nationalities.

Are there any age-based surcharges for younger or older drivers?

Some rental companies may impose additional fees for drivers under 25 or over a certain age. So, it's essential to inquire about any age-related charges.