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Secrecy Behind Car Brand Logos

Car Logos Meaning
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A strong logo isn’t just for marketing—it tells a story or makes a statement. Though they may seem simple, designing a logo that says a lot takes creative brainstorming. Let’s delve into some well-known car logos and names with meanings.

1- TOYOTAToyota Logo

Toyota‘s logo, introduced in 1990, is elegantly simple yet carries creative depth. It features two ellipses intersecting within a larger ellipse. This design symbolizes the strong connection between the manufacturer and its customers. Additionally, the logo cleverly incorporates the letters T, O, Y, and A from the brand name.

2- AUDIAudi Logo

The Audi logo tells the story of its founder, August Horch. After leaving a car manufacturing company, Horch established his own company Audi. Which later merged with four others to produce high-performance cars. The four rings in Audi’s logo represent these original companies that came together to form the Audi we know today.


3- MERCEDES-BENZMercedes Banz Logo

Instantly recognizable with its three-sided star, the Mercedes-Benz logo exudes sophistication. The three corners of the star symbolize the elements of air, water, and fire. While the encircling ring signifies the company’s dominance in the automotive industry.


4- BMWBMW Logo

Combining blue and white colors, BMW‘s logo represents the motion of an airplane propeller. It reflects the company’s origins in aircraft manufacturing. The design was inspired by the owner’s previous company and its circular logo.



Dating back to 1914, Mitsubishi‘s logo features three diamonds arranged in a triangular shape. Representing the company’s name in Japanese. It also symbolizes the family names of the company’s owners, Yamauchi and Iwasaki.

6- HYUNDAIHyundai Logo

At first glance, Hyundai‘s logo appears as a stylized ‘H’, but it carries deeper symbolism. The italicized ‘H’ actually depicts two people shaking hands—the customer and the company representative. It highlights Hyundai’s commitment to strong customer relationships. The blue color symbolizes reliability, while silver represents perfection and sophistication.

7- PORSCHEPorsche Logo

The Porsche logo is a blend of various national logos. It includes the Wuerttemberg state logo and a jumping horse symbolizing speed. Designed by Porsche’s owner during World War I while he was in jail, the logo reflects the brand’s heritage and agility.

8- CHEVROLETChevrolet Logo

The Chevrolet logo has sparked various theories about its origin. Some say it was inspired by a symbol on a Parisian wallpaper. While others claim it was designed by company owner Durant himself, possibly at the dinner table. Another theory suggests Durant’s wife saw a newspaper ad that inspired the design. A plausible explanation ties the bow tie symbol to Durant’s Swedish heritage, resembling the Swedish cross.

9- FERRARIFerrari Logo

Ferrari, a renowned Italian car brand, boasts an intriguing logo featuring a prancing stallion. This symbol pays homage to World War I pilot Count Francesco Baracca, a national hero of Italy, whose fighter jet bore a similar logo. The reasons behind Baracca’s use of the symbol vary, from his recruitment in the cavalry regiment. And also, his family’s involvement in horse breeding.

10- LAMBORGHINILamborghini Logo

Lamborghini‘s logo depicts an enraged bull. It symbolizes the company’s passion, aggression, and determination to rival top car brands. The use of yellow and black further emphasizes the brand’s excitement and energy.

11- BENTLEYBentley Logo

Bentley‘s logo epitomizes sophistication and luxury. The wings and tail of a majestic bird-like falcon signify the car’s smoothness. While the letter ‘B’ represents the manufacturer’s name.

12- VOLKSWAGENVolks Wagen Logo

Volkswagen’s logo derives from its German name, Volks Wagenwerk. Which translates to “People’s Car Factory.” The VW initials represent the first letters of the full name. The logo, resembling a ‘V’ made with three fingers, symbolizes the company’s commitment to success for both itself and its customers.

13- FORDFord Logo

The Ford logo, with its blue and white color scheme, originated from founder Henry Ford’s fondness for small animals, particularly rabbits. Designers transformed this preference into a pattern resembling a small white rabbit.

14- ROLLS-ROYCErolls royce logo

Rolls-Royce‘s logo features two overlapping ‘R’s, symbolizing mutual support and harmony. Additionally, the famous trapezoidal logo draws inspiration from the statue of the goddess of victory at the Louvre in Paris. representing dignity and nobility. This logo is proposed by automotive design expert Charles Sykes. It portrays a goddess-like figure with an outstretched arm and flowing veil.

15- PEUGEOTPeugeot Logo

Peugeot‘s logo, depicting a mighty lion. It originates from the company’s early 19th-century beginnings as a manufacturer of various iron tools. The lion symbolizes invincibility and represents the company’s location in Franche-Comté. As it is renowned for its skilled craftsmen.

16- ASTON MARTINAston Martin Logo

The Aston Martin logo features the company’s name flanked by a pair of wings. It embodies the company’s aspiration for speed and excellence. Symbolizing flight and lofty ambitions.

17- LINCOLNLincoln Logo

Lincoln‘s logo is mounted at the front of its cars. It features an elongated cross star, symbolizing dignity and solemnity. Founded by Henry Leland in 1907, Lincoln was named after the U.S. president and aimed to produce high-end vehicles.

18- JAGUARJaguar Logo

Jaguar‘s name originates from the SS Motor Company’s acquisition of the Sunbeam car company in 1937. Initially hoping to name the cars Sunbeam, the company eventually settled on Jaguar. Due to its clear pronunciation in various languages and its association with agility and power.

19- LEXUSLexus Logo

The Lexus logo features the first letter of the company’s name, ‘L’. It symbolizes the brand’s commitment to excellence and luxury.

20- CadillacCadillac Logo

Cadillac‘s logo, comprising a crown and shield. It pays homage to French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac, the founder of Detroit. The crown represents nobility. While the shield symbolizes the heroic spirit associated with the brand’s name.

21- CHRYSLERChrysler Logo

Chrysler‘s logo pays tribute to its founder, Walter Chrysler, featuring a five-pointed star resembling a medal. This star symbolizes the lofty ideals and aspirations of the Chrysler family and employees. It represents their spirit of endless pursuit and determination to succeed in competition. The star’s five parts represent Chrysler’s presence on all five continents, showcasing its global reach.

22- SUZUKISuzuki Logo

The Suzuki logo features the letter ‘S’, representing the first letter of the company’s name. It conveys a sense of infinite power. Symbolizing Suzuki Motor Corporation’s commitment to unlimited development.

Your favorite brand’s logo probably makes you feel excited, comfortable, or motivated. No matter the emotion, you’re drawn to the brand. Car logos are no different.
Throughout history, humans have used symbols to convey complex ideas and emotions. An automotive company’s logo represents its core values, which are understood worldwide and unique to the industry. Logos aren’t just visual symbols; they embody a brand’s essence. Car symbols, from mass-producing brands like Toyota to high-end sports cars like Ferrari, are among the most recognizable in the world. Yet, many people don’t know the stories or meanings behind them.

Shapes and Their Impact!

Shapes play a big role in how we perceive logos. A well-designed logo can make a car brand stand out and express its values. But beyond just looks, the shape of a logo can also have a deeper impact, sending subtle messages to our brains.
There are three main types of logo shapes:


These logos use shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. They’re often used by banks and tech companies to show stability and balance.

Circles and Ellipses: These shapes can represent unity and movement. BMW’s circular logo, with its blue and white colors, symbolizes quality and innovation.
Squares and Rectangles: They suggest order and professionalism. Brands like Toyota often use them to build trust.
Triangles: Triangles show strength and progress. Mitsubishi’s logo, made of three red rhombuses, shows unity and power.


Organic logos use flowing, natural shapes like leaves or waves. They’re popular with brands that want to seem creative and friendly.

These shapes have a natural, flowing look. Brands like Jaguar and Land Rover use them to evoke grace and agility, perfect for luxury cars that handle rough terrain.


Abstract logos use simplified shapes to convey emotions or ideas. They’re common in industries like advertising and art.
They don’t look like anything specific but can convey feelings or concepts. Toyota’s logo, with three ellipses, represents the connection between the brand and its customers. Chevrolet’s logo, an abstract bowtie, shows the brand’s commitment to innovation.
So, next time you see a logo, pay attention to its shape. It might be saying more than you think!
Car brand symbols often have hidden messages that define a brand’s journey or mission. Today, we’ll explore some of the most meaningful car logos.


These logos have become iconic symbols of their respective car manufacturers. Mainly contributing to their brand identities and leaving a lasting impression on car enthusiasts and consumers worldwide.

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Logos help car companies establish their brand identity and make their vehicles easily recognizable.
Yes, many car logos incorporate hidden symbols or messages that represent the brand's values or history.
Car logos can evoke emotions and associations. Thus, affecting how consumers perceive the brand's quality, reliability, and prestige.
Yes, car logos are often trademarked to prevent unauthorized use and protect the brand's identity and reputation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do car companies use logos?

Logos help car companies establish their brand identity and make their vehicles easily recognizable.

Do car logos have hidden meanings?

Yes, many car logos incorporate hidden symbols or messages that represent the brand's values or history.

How do car logos influence consumer perception?

Car logos can evoke emotions and associations. Thus, affecting how consumers perceive the brand's quality, reliability, and prestige.

Are car logos protected by trademark?

Yes, car logos are often trademarked to prevent unauthorized use and protect the brand's identity and reputation.