Privacy Policy


Moosa Rent a Car affiliates or referred to as “we”, “us”. We collect your information when you use our mobile apps, websites, call center, and other products and services. And also interact or communicate with us in any other way. This policy explains how Moosa Rent a Car will process any information including personal data. That we receive from you or that you give us.


You trust Moosa Rent a Car with your personal data when you use it. We are dedicated to keeping that trust and being transparent in our dealings with your information.


This Privacy Policy is applicable to all users of Moosa Rent a Car’s services globally. It also includes users of Moosa Rent a Car features on our website. This notice tells about how Moosa Rent a Car collects personal data.

Collection Of Information

  • We get some information directly from you via the services. For instance, when you create an account, update an account request for services or contact customer support. Such data may include name, email address, phone number, credit card information.
  • Please note that we don’t collect or retain personal data from children under 18 years through our Services. Ss all should certify they are at least 18 years of age.
  • Information We Collect Through Your Use of Our Services
  • We collect personal identification Information such as full names, postal addresses. Which you gave us while using the services.
  • In addition, we utilize GPS technology in order to determine where exactly your current location is. Some of our location-based services require this so as to work properly. But if indeed you want to utilize these features you will be asked to allow us to use your data.

Information We Collect from Other Sources

We may receive information from other sources and combine it with the personal data we For example, if you access your Moosa Rent a Car account using social media services (like Facebook). Or if you interact with an app or website which uses our API (or whose API we use). We might receive details about yourself or your contacts from that platform.

Use Of Personal Information

The personal data that we get from you or that you provide us, may be used by us in order to:

  • Facilitate payments, send receipts, provide requested products and services like delivery.
  • It will help to create new functionalities in the system, provide customer support for users and vendors. Moreover, improve safety features of the service, verify user identity and transmit product updates.
  • It will handle administrative functions and activities such as preventing frauds and software glitches. Thus, keeping an eye on patterns of activity.
  • This will also facilitate communication between you and service providers.
  • We will send you communications that we think might be interesting for you. It includes information about Moosa Rent a Car products, services, promotions, news and events from us.  This is an email sent by the official website.
  • You are being notified about changes in our services.
  • Surely enable your participation in interactive features of our services.
  • Maintain safety and security of our Services.
  • Personalize and improve our services. This may include suggesting features, content, social connections and referrals.

Storage of Personal Data

By submitting your personal data to this site, you agree to such cross-border transfer, storage or processing. We will take all steps reasonably that are necessary to ensure that data is secured.

Sharing of Personal Data

Our personal data sharing policy with others reflects respect for user privacy. Some categories of persons or entities we share personal data with are:

  • Your name/contact details/location may be shared through our services with partners.
  • Any relevant document uploaded by you for renting out a car is shared with vendors(suppliers). It is according to the Roads & Transport Authority Rules & Regulation applicable.

Safety Precautions

  • Only authorized personnel get access to the self-service account of the registered users. No employee of Moosa Rent a car will ever call you up proactively asking for your password.
  • We use device location technology and user profiling usage patterns data. It will detect fraudulent accounts/identities, stopping unauthorized access, verifying user identification.

Customer Support

We use the information we collect (including call recordings) to provide customer support. Then investigate, address User concerns and monitor and improve our customer support responses. These are set forth in this privacy policy.

Research & Development

We can use personal data for testing, research, analysis, product development and learning. To improve user experience, enhance the safety and security of our services. We undertake these undertakings on the basis of our legitimate interest in improving existing features and services.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We have the right to change this privacy policy from time to time. If there are significant changes that affect how your Personal Data will be treated, we will inform you. We urge you to periodically look at the privacy policy for recent information.

Erasing Your Personal Information

You have the right of erasing your personal information and objecting to its further processing. Especially, when the information is no longer needed for its original purpose. Or when you withdraw your consents or if processing is unlawful). Users can request their data be deleted by going into account deletion features. Then put in their email and password.

Disputes and Refunds

If you have any disputes regarding fines of rental charged by us, we recommend visiting the page:

  • RTA Dispute Page (Dubai)
  • Abu Dhabi Police Dispute Page
  • Ajman Police
  • Sharjah Police
  • RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) Municipality Violation Appeal

For traffic fines issued either in Umm Al Quwain or Fujairah, they can be disputed through the MOI app. Please provide us with details surrounding your dispute resolution so that we can assist you better.

You can get your refund when you win the dispute and share evidence.


Moosa Rent a Car offers 24/7 live support to our customers