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What to do if your rental car stolen?

rental car stolen
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Rental car stolen, especially when you are on holidays / vacations and enjoying your trip, can be nothing less than a frightening. It is very important to know what to do next in case of a vehicle theft while it is as rented car. Many of the research in details have been screening that the rental contract is much essential to understand the company policy and actions you will need to face in case of misfortune. It is very important to know the terms and conditions and restrictions in advance to know your liability in case of a theft or stolen the car which is on rent.

If your rental car has been stolen while it was in your possession, you could possibly get hit with a huge amount of bill. In such case, buying the rental car insurance coverage, the company may cover / protect you from some of the monetary responsibility, but you still may be on the hook for some of the liability in any case.


Call the rental company:

The first and foremost step is to let the rental company to know that what happened. Rental companies always require renters to report the incident regarding the theft of car promptly, both to them and local police as well. Furthermore, tell the rental company that you have already informed or filed a complaint to police department, and you will be needing the car’s identification numbers (i.e., license number and vehicle identification number) and tag as well. And if the theft / stolen rental car has a GPS tracker, the rental company may easily locate it from the tracker company as well. Sometimes renters are free from liability for business related rentals that are covered under a special insurance / arrangement between the employer and the rental company.

Check the Insurance:

This is where professional car rental companies are working, and they can get the benefit for you. If you hire a car from a trusted service provider, and the rental contract may often include insurance covering protection for different circumstances such as breakdown cover and sometimes even for the car thefts coverages. You must always check with the rental company for detailed information that what is included in the insurance cover. And with some companies, a more inclusive insurance coverage will properly be available for an extra cost to grant the extra coverage. However, it is always wise to get your vehicle comprehensively insured properly to avoid unwanted extra charges later etc.

Car Stolen in Dubai

Call the police:

As soon as you realize that the car has been stolen, immediately report it to the police department by explaining that the car is a rental. If you have the rental contract available, or if you can access information about the car via an app, immediately provide it to the police. Car Rental Companies in Abu Dhabi have the proper contract while renting a car.

Request a replacement car:

If your rental is stolen and properly reported to the police and rental company, the rental car company will close the contract on that vehicle after receiving. That leaves you potentially stuck without a car. The rental car company may or may not allow you to immediately rent out another car. If not, do not take it personally but do seek out a car from a different car rental company.

Safe Parking is Necessary: 

You must always follow the safe parking to prevent your car from misadventures / to prevent from theft. Park your car at places where it would remain very safe and could constantly be monitored. Do not choose the isolated areas for car parking. Do not keep valued personal belongings in your car and leave. This step should be practiced for extra car and protection when you have rent a car in Sharjah.


Table of Contents
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