Rent Infinity QX 60 with Driver in Dubai

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Discover the essence of class and class as you travel the crowded streets in Dubai with Infinity QX 60 with Driver. Perfect for VIPs, executives, and those who enjoy the finest things in life. Our chauffeur-driven Daily Car Rental Dubai service ensures a flawless blend of luxury, comfort, and style.

Principal Features:

Luxury interiors:

You’ll be transported to a world of luxurious comfort thanks to the elegant leather interiors. The interiors are designed with precision and care to detail; the roomy cabin can accommodate seven passengers. This ensures a relaxing and relaxing journey.

Professional chauffeur: 

Our professional and courteous chauffeurs are committed to providing the best service. Professional and punctual, your chauffeur will ensure peace of mind and a comfortable travel experience, which allows you to focus on the essential things.

New technology at the forefront: 

Stay connected and entertained by the latest technologies of the Infinity QX60. From modern infotainment technologies to connectivity options, take an experience that effortlessly blends the best of both worlds in one.

Privacy and Security:

Enjoy the luxury of tinted glass, guaranteeing the confidentiality and Security of your Dubai excursion. Infinity QX60 Infinity QX60 provides a discreet and safe journey experience that lets you relax in peace.

Flexible Use: 

From airport transfers to corporate events, City tours, to occasions, Infinity QX60 Infinity QX60 is the epitome of flexibility. Customize your experience according to your preferences while taking in the elegance of this premium SUV.

Inexpensive Maintenance: 

Our fleet of Infinity QX60 vehicles is regularly maintained to ensure the highest level of performance and dependability. You can be confident that you’re riding in a car that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Create a bold statement through your choice of transportation. Make a statement with your transportation choice in Dubai. Take Infinity QX60 to make a statement. Infinity QX60 with a professional driver, and begin an experience where each moment expresses class and elegance. Call us now to create your spot and experience the ultimate experience of travelling with the Infinity QX60.

Why Rent Infinity QX 60 with Driver in Dubai?

Enhance your travel experience in Dubai by taking advantage of our exclusive offer: Hire Infinity QX60. Infinity QX60 with a Professional driver. The luxury SUV is a step above regular transportation by blending luxuriousness, luxury, and convenience for business executives or VIPs who want a luxurious journey.

Explore a world of refined luxury thanks to the QX60’s large leather interiors that can accommodate seven passengers comfortably. Our chauffeurs, known for their reliability and punctuality, will ensure you have a smooth trip, allowing you to unwind and concentrate on the things you value most.

Like the latest information systems, modern technology adds a modern touch to your trip. Take advantage of the quiet privacy offered by tinted windows when you travel through the city’s lively landscape or participate in crucial meetings. It’s versatile for all occasions.

The Infinity QX60 with a driver will provide an unbeatable blend of elegance and practicality. Stand out with the luxury vehicle you choose to travel with. Rent a Car Sharjah and let each travel experience be an occasion to celebrate luxury and style in Sharjah.

Minimum Driver’s Age
18 years
Security Deposit
AED 1000
Refunded in
25 Days

You are eligible to rent a car across the emirates provided you have the below mentioned documents valid with you:

You are eligible to rent a car across the emirates provided you have the below mentioned documents valid with you:

Car Features
Parking Assist
Digital HUD
Memory Front Seats
Alloy Wheels
Air Suspension
Apple CarPlay
Foldable Armrest
Fog Lights
Air Suspension
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