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AED 5000
Per Day
AED 90000
Per Month
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As soon as you step inside a Toyota Granvia, you are welcomed by its spacious yet exquisitely designed cabin, where luxurious leather seats provide ample legroom. Able to seat eight passengers comfortably, this car is suitable for family outings, adventure trips, and corporate excursions, with its sleek interior design providing comfort and sophistication in equal measure.

The Granvia ensures an enjoyable driving experience with advanced capabilities and intuitive technology features. Its infotainment system enables effortless control over navigation, sound, and connectivity options while connecting via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to keep up-to-date on apps you love and people who matter in life.

Safety is paramount, and Granvia stands out as an exceptional performer. It is packed with intelligent safety-related features such as a pre-collision alarm, lane departure alarm, active cruise control using radar – which provides both drivers and passengers peace of mind – and several airbags to offer maximum protection should there be accidents.

The Toyota Rental offers safety and solid and effective performance thanks to its responsive engine and smooth ride. It allows easy traversing through Dubai’s busy city streets – from relaxing along its stunning beaches to going around its iconic landmarks.

Why Rent Toyota Granvia in Dubai – 2022 Model?

Toyota Granvia 2022 Model stands out among many vehicle rental options in Dubai for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, its luxurious qualities cannot be rivalled; offering unrivalled luxuriousness and comfort with its spacious cabin design and comfortable leather seats as well as ample leg room, it makes the Granvia the ideal vehicle to transport up to eight people comfortably at any one time – be that taking your family trip together or transporting essential customers or clients in style and relaxation!

Granvia offers cutting-edge technology features to make it an excellent choice. Its intuitive infotainment system includes audio/navigation controls and connectivity options that keep passengers active and entertained during the journey. Furthermore, thanks to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, you are easily connected to apps/contact lists while on the move.

Security is of utmost importance, which explains why the Granvia has established itself as one of the safest vehicles on the market. Boasting advanced features like pre-collision warning, lane departure warning, dynamic cruise control using radar technology and more – Daily car Rental Dubai provides ample safety features to provide drivers and passengers with peace of mind, even on busy city roads such as Dubai. Its safety-oriented approach guarantees safe journeying even at active speeds!

In addition, the Granvia boasts powerful and compelling performance, making driving enjoyable on every journey. Its efficient engine and easy control make urban street driving manageable, while road trips provide effortless joyriding experiences – ideal for visiting historic landmarks and enjoying vibrant nightlife scenes alike! For safety and pleasure on all of life’s adventures.


Minimum Driver’s Age
18 years
Security Deposit
AED 1000
Refunded in
25 Days

You are eligible to rent a car across the emirates provided you have the below mentioned documents valid with you:

You are eligible to rent a car across the emirates provided you have the below mentioned documents valid with you:

Car Features
SRS Airbags
Front & Rear Airbags
Front Air Bags
Seat Belt Reminder
FM Radio
Power Mirrors
Premium Audio
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