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Essential Assertories You Need to Upgrade Your Rented Car:

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essential assertories

The very well-maintained road of the UAE offers a wonderful experience to those who love to drive the car. For many people, renting a car is a best way to enjoy the experience without buying a car. In fact, renting a car in the Emirates is very easy and simple process that many car owners rent other cars for longer trips or for various other reasons. And to fulfill this demand, there are numerous car rental service providers in the Emirates.

You can rent a luxury car with all the comforts which are in your dream, but it will cost a lot more than a regular car. Fortunately, you can install car accessories temporarily to increase your convenience, minimize the disruptions, and improve your rental car experience without spending on a luxury rental. Although you cannot modify the rental cars, but however, you can add easily removable car accessories just for a better experience during the trip.

Followings are some of the accessories for a rented car that can easily be installed and removed, to ease up your driving style, and make your journey unified.


For long term rental cars, a compact vacuum cleaner is a great option to improve your driving experience, especially if you have a very long trip which you have planned with your beloved family. You will not have to worry about the frequent car wash visits to maintain the cleanliness in the cabin. They are some kind of portable vacuum cleaners / devices, available in the market as wireless or wired, perfect for interior car cleaning. These are to be used for removing dried and wet debris from the nooks and corners of the cars, they are much better to be used for cleaning up the dust, scraps of tissues, or traces of foods.


Sometimes, there is backseat clutter becomes too large to sit comfortably in the car, which is occurred when hanging organizers act as per the perfect substitute. The backseat trunk organizer is a flexible space saver that keeps all the things inserted neatly into that place. The interesting thing about the organizer is that they are available in the market in various shapes and forms, including multi mesh pouches. By installing this add-on into your rented car, you can easily keep your kids’ books, toys, devices, and other stuff neatly and well organized on the backseat or the trunk without them incumbering up your space.

essential assertories

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A dashcam is not exactly a needed accessory but it is surely a modern add-on which significantly improves your rental car experiences, especially if you are a photography fan. You can install the Garmin dashcam into the cat to not only document your long trip but take benefit of its other features including the collision and lane departure warnings, video-saving on accident / impact, and voice controls. It can also take still photos and do a time-lapse recording.


Car rear view mirrors can, sometimes, become foggy and unclear when the weather conditions are moist and rainy. As such, driving with a covered view is very dangerous. Installing the rearview mirror film stickers is also another great add-on to fashionable your driving experience. These stickers and labels are easily detachable and do not leave any traces. These are made up of anti-fog, anti-glare and waterproof materials as well, enabling clear vision of the rear side of the car, no matter what the weather conditions are. Rearview mirror film stickers are also available in the market at low and reasonable prices and can be cut into squares or circles, or any other required shape of your own choice as well.


Table of Contents

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AED 1070 /mo.
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