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How can you Convert a Foreign Driving License to UAE?

How can you Convert a Foreign Driving License to UAE
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Driving License

Driving is one of the very interesting things to do for regular travelers and an easy way to travel anywhere in Dubai. To receive a Valid Foreign Driving License, learning from a valid organization and completing the recommended tests is a very popular method. However, citizens who belong to specific countries can convert and exchange their existing valid driving licenses for a UAE one. This can also help you to save the time and make use of your home country driving license in the UAE very easily and quickly by passing some normal procedures. Before digging deeper into the criteria and procedures, the first step is to know that if you belong to the country enlisted as authorized and qualified to transfer driving licenses. As per the current and latest updates, the licenses of all categories from a specific countries and licenses of only specific classifications such as motorcycle and light vehicle and from few other countries can also be transferred to a valid UAE driving license. This complete list having the countries and new updates can also be accessed from the RTA online site. Rental car companies can also guide you the procedures as well.

Eligibility Conditions and Required Documents:

The criteria prescribed in under the UAE law is as mentioned below:

  • You must have a valid driving license.
  • You must have present citizenship of your origin country along with UAE proof of residence.


However, following is the list of documents which required while starting the process to exchange / convert the driving license:

For residents having the diplomatic passport:

  • Their original passport along with the copy of it.
  • Driving license along with a photocopy.
  • Electronic eye test report.
  • A valid letter issued by MOFA which is to be valid for a minimum of six months after your submission of the documents.
  • A diplomatic card issued by the international organization, authorized consulate or embassy.
  •  Foreign Driving License


For regular passport holders:


  • Original document and photocopy of an Emirates ID card.
  • The original driving license and it photocopy
  • Report of their electronic eye test which will be performed at any DHA approved clinic and / or optician.
  • A legally translated photocopy of the license in a foreign language other than the English and / or Arabic
  • NOC issued by your sponsor company. (Some certain professions are exempted as well).


To convert / exchange foreign driving license to UAE, the first thing for which you should get accustomed is the eligibility criteria and conditions along with the essential required documents. Eligibility Conditions to be eligible to convert / exchange your foreign valid driving license to UAE one, So, you must be eighteen years of age or above by holding the valid residency visa with a minimum validity of twelve months. You must have to be presented your previous valid driving license that must be valid for at least one year.

The procedure as prescribed above is very simple and convenient to everyone to convert / exchange the foreign driving license into UAE one. The license is issued by the concerned and relevant country, who will then add the following information to the back of the license i.e.,1) The word منطقة, (Emirate) 2) and the first three letters of the Emirate issuing the valid license. 3) The number of your vehicle’s registration plates and 4) A serial number that must be distinguish this driving license from all others driving licenses for the same category in all Emirates. There are some rent a car agency in Dubai, of which the driver has the valid driving license.

For some countries and in certain emirates as well, more documents are requested / needed. These documents may be differed and / or addition from the above-mentioned list as well. Rent a car in Dubai may assist and guide you to convert or exchange the driving license.

Table of Contents
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