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How to Choose Between Sedan and SUV Car?

How to choose between Sedan and SUV car
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Rent A Car Agencies normally offer different types of cars to choose from hatchbacks to sedans.

Now it is up to client that how will you / client decide which car is suitable for you to get on rent?

There are certain things you should consider while choosing between sedan and SUV.

Sedan vs SUV which one is to get on Rent:

Your requirement must be in your mind while / before deciding which type of car to rent. Grounded on that, you can easily decide whether you have to choose SUV or a sedan.

There are certain following necessary things which should be in mind while taking the car:

  • Number of Passenger
  • Type of Travel- On Road / Off Road
  • Fuel Efficiency – Economy
  • Comfortability / Seating capacity

Now, we will explain the above-mentioned necessary ideas one by one:

Number of Passenger:

If you have a small family with almost four-to-five members to travel, a sedan car would be enough for a comfortable drive and travel as well. But, on the other hand, if you have large family and travels with a lot of luggage, then SUV will be the right choice to travel. Because of enough space in SUVs type of vehicles, passengers can sit happily throughout the journey and amaze themselves. In SUV, you have many options; you can get kia Sportage SUV from car rental companies including Abu Dhabi Car Rental.

Type of Travel- On Road / Off Road

Travel on desserts and / or Off-road travelling is much popular in the UAE. If you are planning for off-road travel like desserts etc., SUV is the right choice. Because more power is required while travelling on desserts / off roads. So therefore, four-wheel drive is most powerful and comfortable, and you know, this option is mostly in SUVs and best option as well, which can be availed from kia Sportage rental Dubai. And you know 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) is more comfortable and powerful while travelling in desserts and / or mountains such as all types of off roads travelling. Moreover, if the weather conditions are not favorable and there is rainy day etc., an SUV would be the right choice to withstand adverse conditions like a flood etc. SUVs are Renault, Kia Sportage and Nissan are the one of best choices.

But if you want to travel between the Emirates without using the off-road, then your option would be a sedan car which can be vailed from rent a car in umm al Quwain. You can opt to Toyota Yaris etc. having the one of the most economical options available. If you are looking for a more premium sedan, you should hire a Kia Caren with a reverse camera and parking sensors.

SUV car


Some people having fuel efficiency in mind while traveling. So therefore, the sedan car is the best choice when it comes to fuel efficiency and / or saving money from fuel. If you are planning to travel on a concrete road throughout your journey, it is best option to choose a sedan. In this way, you can easily save a lot of money by selecting this type of car. This is because the sedan is smaller in size as compared to an SUV. Thus, the usage of fuel will also be lesser than the others. So, there are fuel-efficient models of SUV are also available in the market, but it must not be comparable to a sedan. Most of the rent cars are dealing with this like rent a car Ajman.

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Comfortability / Seating capacity

As you know it is obvious that the seating capacity in SUV is more than the sedan car. But of you see the comfortability, it is a long debate because comfortability depends upon your usage. There are monthly car rental services are available having the best services and comfortability.

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