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How to Get a Car Rental with No Deposit

car rental with no deposit

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In the realm of travel convenience, renting a car offers unparalleled freedom. But the customary deposit requirement has often been a stumbling block. This guide illuminates the path to acquire a car rental without deposit. Redefine your travel experience, and embark on your journeys with financial ease.
For individuals constrained by finances, rent a car without a deposit proved unfeasible. Instead of extending trust to you as a responsible driver, rental companies often impose security fees. However, scenario is changing, and the possibility of renting a car without a deposit has emerged. This guide will illuminate the path towards securing a car rental with zero upfront payment. Thus, offering insights into an array of strategies.

Why do car rental companies require deposits?

Car rental companies enforce deposit requirements as a security measure. These deposits function as a safeguard in the event of potential damages or theft occurring. While you are in possession of their rented vehicle. The specific deposit amount can vary significantly based on factors. Such as the rental company, vehicle type and the duration of the rental period. Typically, a few hundred dollars deposit provides the rental company with a level of assurance.

4 ways to get a car rental with no deposit

There are multiple avenues to secure the cheapest car rental in Dubai without deposit. To ensure your readiness for an upcoming road trip, carefully peruse the subsequent sections. Thus, discovering strategies that align with your circumstances and preferences.

1: Utilize a Credit Card

Opting for a credit card presents a convenient solution in this context, as it avoids direct deductions from your account. The transaction is recorded but only processed at the conclusion of the rental duration, contingent upon any damages or losses incurred. Possessing a credit card offers added benefits, notably aiding in establishing and enhancing your credit score within the US. However, it’s crucial to recognize that credit cards should not be misconstrued as “free money.” Responsible repayment of the entire balance by the due date is imperative to avoid accruing credit card debt, which could lead to substantial interest charges and a decline in your credit rating. The security deposit is subsequently reimbursed upon the vehicle’s return. Despite alternative payment methods like debit cards being feasible, a credit card deposit stands out as the simplest means of securing your upcoming rental vehicle, streamlining the process between you and the rental agency.

credit card

2: Select a Zero-Deposit Rental Car Company

While many rental suppliers typically impose security deposits. There are entities that waive this requirement entirely. Stress free car rental, for instance, features a filtering mechanism specifically designed to display “zero deposits” options. Additionally, Zipcar, operates on a membership-based framework. It dispenses with the need for a deposit before vehicle pickup. It’s compulsory, however, to review the terms and conditions of your rental arrangement with these providers. As you remain accountable for any expenses resulting from damages or losses during your rental period.

car rental without deposit

3: Prepay for Your Rental

An alternative approach involves prepaying for your rental. It is facilitated by certain car rental companies. By paying the complete rental amount upfront, you can secure your reservation without the need for a security deposit. Depending on the terms of the arrangement, these companies will only process charges at the conclusion of your rental period. It depends on instances of loss or damage that may have occurred.

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4: Third-Party Insurance

For those seeking further flexibility, car rental providers accept third-party insurance policies. The policy comprehensively covers damages and liabilities associated with your rental vehicle. Moreover, you will be able to forego the security deposit requirement. Platforms like Turo exemplify this approach. Wherein your existing third-party insurance coverage proves valuable when renting your next vehicle. It’s essential to furnish the requisite evidence of insurance to the rental provider. Thus, allowing you to navigate the process without the conventional deposit constraints.

car insurance

Which car rental companies operate without requiring deposits?


Deposit amount AED 0 (Instead, there’s a monthly membership fee)
Zipcar presents a distinct approach that eliminates the need for a deposit. They offer a membership-based model. With a monthly subscription fee, you gain access to their vehicle fleet. Thus, bypass the conventional security deposit requirement. This setup proves particularly advantageous for first-time car renters. Moreover, for those seeking short-term rentals. All this make it a suitable choice for hourly or single-trip rentals.

Moosa Rent a Car:

Deposit amount: AED 0
Another promising option for those seeking car rentals without the burden of a deposit is Moosa Rent a Car. Unlike many traditional rental companies, Moosa Rent a Car operates with a deposit-free model. Thus, ensuring that renters can secure a vehicle without tying up their funds. This customer-friendly approach is particularly appealing. As it eliminates the need for upfront payments. Moreover, it allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently for your travel needs. Make the most of this deposit-free opportunity. Hence, embark on your journey with ease and peace of mind.

Among the rental car providers listed below, deposits are applicable, categorized from the lowest to the highest:


Deposit amount: AED 550
Getaround offers a departure from traditional car rental norms. Despite this, they impose a relatively modest security deposit of just AED 550. As you engage directly with vehicle owners, you can anticipate enhanced customer service. Moreover, enjoy a diverse vehicle selection, and tailored options to suit your needs. Upon the conclusion of your trip, the deposit is refundable within 14 days, contingent upon any issues.


Deposit amount: AED 735
For a more conventional car rental experience, Sixt boasts one of the lowest security deposits available. It’s important to note that deposits for larger or luxury vehicles might exceed the AED 735 standard. What sets Sixt apart is its swift refund process. With funds returned within 24 hours, catering to individuals seeking access to their funds.

Dollar, Thrifty, Hertz:

Deposit amount: AED 735 for credit cards, AED 1836 for debit cards
The Hertz brand encompasses Dollar and Thrifty under its umbrella. Thus, ensuring comparable security deposit policies. Opting for a credit card can help you avoid the substantial AED 1836 debit card fee, a significant financial relief for many. The Hertz brand also stands out with its versatile payment options, accommodating a wide range of major credit card types.



It is a conventional hurdle of hefty security deposits in the car rental process. But it’s now being overcome through advanced approaches. There are a lot of alternatives. They not only simplify the renting process but also offer you to use your resources effectively. Thus, enabling a more budget-conscious and seamless travel experience. The world of car rentals becomes a deposit-free realm ripe with possibilities.



  • Why do car rental companies require deposits?
    Car rental require deposits as security against potential damages during the rental period.
  • Are there alternatives to paying a deposit for a rental car?
    Yes, alternatives include use a credit card, opt for deposit-free rental companies. Moreover, prepay for rentals, or utilize third-party insurance.
  • How does using a credit card work as an alternative to a deposit?
    With a credit card, the transaction is authorized. But its’ only charged if there are damages at the end of the rental period.
  • Can I rent a car without a deposit at all rental companies?
    Not all companies offer deposit-free options like Zipcar and Moosa Rent a Car.
  • Are there downsides to using deposit-free options?
    Be sure to understand terms and limitations. Especially, deposit-free options as they have specific requirements.
  • Will deposit-free options affect customer service or vehicle selection?
    Deposit-free options often provide good service and vehicle choices. Some car-sharing platforms like Zipcar offer diverse options.
  • Am I responsible for damages with deposit-free options?
    Yes, you’re responsible for damages or losses even with deposit-free options. Try to adhere to rental terms and report issues.
  • Can I switch from deposit-free to traditional rental if needed?
    In many cases, you can switch, but inquire before finalizing to avoid confusion.
  • How can I choose the best option for my needs?
    Consider your budget, travel plans, and preferences. Then, research and read reviews to make an informed decision.

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