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People who rent cars Dubai witnesses five common traffic violations

Five common traffic violations

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common traffic violations

Traffic laws ensure your safety as well as the safety of your fellow pedestrian and even yourself

Everyone should adhere to the laws governing traffic because they serve a purpose that is fundamental.

Sadly, automobile rentals are included in the category of lawbreakers so in this piece we discuss those motorists who disregarded traffic regulations and were most frequently observed in the UAE.

UAE Driving Under the Influence

The UAE maintains a strict “no tolerance” policy for drunk drivers after noticing so many foreigners breaking traffic laws. This involves mostly economic migrants. Even a wealthy man finds it difficult to pay the fee for disobeying this traffic law since it is so high. Not only that but you will also be sentenced to jail time, fines against your licence and numerous other penalties. It must state that regardless of the justification you should never drive after drinking in the UAE.

Ignoring Red Lights and amber traffic lights

Unless a police officer is present and directing traffic, drivers must observe traffic signals. Unfortunately, some motorists ignore traffic signs out of impatience, haste, inattention, or plain recklessness. Due to their carelessness actions, they frequently create accidents.

In the United Arab Emirates breaking this law has even harsher penalties as it is a major felony. However, many car renters flout this regulation as well and are subject to harsh punishment from traffic police.

We want to remind you that disregarding this regulation could result in accidents and numerous significant physical problems. These kinds of problems are not accepted in the UAE and dealing with them will be quite difficult for you.

Traffic Violations

Driving Without Seatbelts

If you do not fasten your seatbelt, you expose yourself to various risks. Because seatbelts are designed to safeguard your safety, failing to wear one will result in high fines and a host of other issues while driving. Seat belts are useful tools for lowering the risk of harm from traffic accidents. Since seatbelt has been mandated in Dubai for both drivers and front seat passengers. The prevalence of SB use nationwide has never been examined in a thorough study. Just be mindful of your own security and buckle up when driving.

Renting A Car and Speeding In the UAE

Rude driving is one of the most prevalent traffic infractions. Hurried driving is the primary cause of accidents.

It is the most frequent violation of a traffic law. In the UAE fines for driving too fast range from 600 AED to 3,000 AED. The result would undoubtedly be bloodthirsty should something significant like an accident occur because to excessive speed. The easiest approach to prevent accidents of this nature from a distance is to drive cautiously and adhere to posted speed restrictions.

Driving While Not Having a License

If you want to drive on the road, you must have a driver licence. It is unfathomable that some people forget to bring their license. You need to be aware that you should never drive on the road without a license.

Driving without a licence in Dubai is a crime that carries a maximum sentence of three months in jail and a fine of Dh6,000, or one of these penalties, will be applied to anyone caught operating a vehicle on the road without a valid driver’s licence or with a licence that is not authorised to operate this kind of vehicle.


The city’s traffic signs, laws, and parking spaces may appear perplexing and scary to inexperienced drivers. To prevent them and have a pleasant stay, read our article to learn about typical traffic infractions.

Making your journey simpler by renting a car from us but remember to follow the traffic laws we discussed.



Table of Contents

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