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Pros, Cons and Function of Driverless Car

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driverless car

The subject of driverless cars has now been a public debate and discussion for the pretty some time. As the policymakers actively much interested in developing this innovative step in near future for motoring, more and more makers and manufacturers are seen to be researching on designing the driverless cars. These modern generation which is now almost self-driven automobiles can perform movements with little bit or no human input. When the required destination has been placed into the system or framework, a fully driverless or independent car does not require any human input. A self-driving car is almost autonomous, which means that it can execute several tasks at their own, but it follows the instructions provided by a human and allows for fast reclamation of controls.

Proposed and planned changes to the Highway Code would mean that the users of self-driving cars would not be kept as responsible for vehicle crashes. The Department for Transport (DfT) has said that the insurance companies would be liable for such type of accidental claims. The updated code, which is expected to come into effect very soon, will also allow the people to watch TV on the built-in screens, but drivers must need to be ready all the time to take back control of their vehicles if deemed necessary. However, using a mobile phone while driving the car / vehicle will always remain illegal.

Driverless cars have remained teasingly just beyond the skyline for some years, but now the technology appears ready for a leap forward in 2022. No cars are yet approved to self-drive on UK roads, but the DfT has said that the first could be ready for use this year positively. Most of the car rent in Dubai are working to have the driverless cars.


Let us now to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these cars.

driverless car

Caucasian driver reading magazine in autonomous car. Self driving vehicle.

How Do Perform their Function?

The machineries / system / technologies which is being used in almost all driverless cars may differ from the manufacturer to manufacturer but there are much popular features which make a car autonomous. Driverless cars have many sensors that can sense the surroundings and environments of the car like the edges of the road and the markings mentioned on roads. In order to prevent accidents and collisions, these sensors may also track other vehicles and their speed as well. It requires a video range of camera to track obstacles, barriers and pedestrians as well to identify the road signs and traffic lights. All these types of data must be combined in a central system which is to define that how the car needs to be moved on.

Improve The Fuel Efficiency:

Autonomous / driverless vehicles would also be the better balanced in fuel economy and may use of the road space to minimize the blockage which would be improved with the passage of time. An internet access may allow the traffic points to be foreseen and the path of the car to configured in advance. However, the driverless cars are economy on rental car in Dubai.

Lower Chances of Accidents:

Issues such as high speed, driver exhaustion as well as reckless driving are some of the main and most common causes of the car accidents on roads which simply put as human errors. The simple reason behind these accidents is that why the driverless cars are being heavily invested in including the production and testing is the golden opportunity to lower the human error leading to the collisions. A machine can assess many variables a lot faster than the human mind.

Accessibility and independence:

Automated / driverless vehicles are an opportunity to revolutionize the personal transport in a way which offers the life-changing benefits to people with disabilities. However, this would be dependent on a dedication to more comprehensive design and practices which had previously been widely absent in the system.

Self-driving technology will also help the older people who may be otherwise find that they are no longer secure to drive on the roads due to weakening the eyesight or mobility. Automated cars would possibly allow them to keep independence over their own transportation.


Table of Contents

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