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Pros & Cons of Top Free GPS Navigation Apps

Top Free GPS
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GPS Navigation Apps

Global positioning system called GPS in simple way; GPS Navigation Apps have been extremely useful in drivers navigating the ever while driving in the cities of the world. The service helps to show users their location while it is also being able to chart out directions to the required destinations they aspire and want to arrive there. Initially, United States Government has introduced the GPS program. The same body currently maintains it very well and has made the service almost freely available for anyone with a GPS receiver. This feature has facilitated the development of GPS navigation system / applications that are free to use for users. Almost all our car rental experts use this application while driving / moving the vehicles where feel necessary.

There are so many GPS navigation applications are available at google to download on your smartphone / android phone and others. It is often very difficult to decide which ones are worth taking up storage space, and which ones are not worth your time or money.

One of the great benefits of traveling to new and unusual places, is the ability to explore the new and interesting places. However, there is a point where exploration can turn into just being lost, and you know that there is no one wants to be lost in a strange place. Thankfully, technology has made it so worthful that you do not ever have to be. We no longer must overcome language barriers and / or interpret poor directions to navigate abroad. You can navigate yourself with a smartphone mobile / device / application pre-installed with a data SIM card, a reliable WiFi hotspot and a navigation application in almost every place on the planet is available.

However, there are some navigation apps that are better for international travelers than others.



Possibly the most used navigation application on the planet is google map and google maps has many merits and demerits. The application can easily be accessed from any device which running Google’s Android operating system and having the pre-installed on many cars running the android automotive operating system. Almost all luxury rent a car have pre-installed navigation system in the rented cars. The service also has the advantage of working for different forms of transportation and helps to tell the users about traffic issues as well. Some of its demerits / disadvantages is also include the fact that it does not have social media sharing capabilities and it can make long redirects if one passes a turn.

GPS Navigation Apps


MAPQUEST was one of the first navigation application which have a desktop format. Some of the merits of the application include the fact that it offers turn by turn navigation, by ensuring the user does not get lost. Some of the demerits include the fact that it has no ability to work offline. The mobile version of the application can also give inaccurate directions, which can, sometime, mislead the drivers.


WAZE consist of crowd funded traffic information which can be very helpful as it offers real-time data to the users. The application has many advantages, which include the fact that users can share up-to-date gas prices as well. This application can also help the users to save time as they seek less traffic-congested routes. Rental car drivers are very keen to use this application to save the time and fuel as well. Some of the demerits / disadvantages include the fact that icons for road work and other indicators can mess the map. It can also serve as a diversion and confusion with constant social media notifications, which is dangerous when you are driving the car.

Table of Contents
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