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Road Dangers While Driving in Dubai

Dubai Traffic
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Rain in Dubai

There are many Road Dangers Appear while Driving in Dubai, But Some of Them are Given Below:

Whether it is releasing the kids to school, running errands, or traveling to work, driving is a part and parcel of most of the people’s everyday life. Even if you have a clear history of driving safely, un-expected difficulties could trigger a very serious accident that could place in everyone’s life which could led to the sever danger. From poor road conditions to the reckless drivers, following are the list of popular road hazards which drivers should look for, especially when driving a car rental in Dubai, and how you can fight them.


Glare is the image / reflection of light from a surface. The reflected rays & ways seem to penetrate your eyes. The sun is always on a vendetta in Dubai, so, you should be careful of direct sunrays hitting to your eyes.

When you are driving at night, the glare of the headlights of any car could also prove harmful and hazardous and ultimately you could meet an accident.

Following are the precautionary measures to save yourself from glare:

  • Make sure your eyesight is 6/6.
  • Always try to refrain from driving at night, mid of afternoon, or early morning. Drive always in between these times.
  • If you have to drive at the aforesaid said times / periods, then must adopt the slow lane.
  • Use polarized or anti-glare glasses as well.
  • Take such type of a route where the sun falls either to your the right or the left.

Traffic lights giving away:

The Dubai traffic police is always very vigilant and positioned when the traffic lights failure somewhere. However, if you are the first one to approach / reach to the site or the lights break down right when you be there, do not worry or take quick decisions. Instead, wait for the police to come and follow what they say.

Reckless Drivers:

We did not see the rent a car or human, which one of the most widely used apologies by the drivers after an accident / collision. Not paying attention has been a very substantial cause behind most of the accidents. It is also worthful noting that you cannot always expect a safe driving from the drivers around you. So, it is better to be alert and always make sure that you have enough room and space before switching the lanes if necessary. It is said that the music volume levels must not be too high, as that too, which causes interruptions. Further, you always need to be aware of the drivers on open roads, and those which are connecting to the highway, as some certain motorists recklessly exit on to the highway at a very high speed.

Motorcycles on The Road:

As the number of motorcycles and motorists on the roads are increasing day by day, and there are many chances of a motorcycle to crash. With the number of bikes increasing each year, drivers must need to be cautious when communicating and sharing the road with motorcycles. Since they are not very easily spotted and tend to be disappeared from the blind spot, always ensure to look twice before changing the lanes. If not, you may hit them.

Dubai Traffic


You must always try and follow the three-second rule for maintaining the distance from front going cars on the road. This will ensure that you have a space for speed adjustment and emergency breaks as well. People will often try and fit in the spaces which you are leaving for your own safety, now it is up to you to restore that distance again well in time.


The use of indicators on the roads of UAE is rather unclear. People will often turn on indicators when they have no purpose of turning or moving and sometimes, they will suddenly turn without any indicators at all. Driving in the UAE is all about awareness and continuously checking your rear-view and side-view mirrors for safety purposes.

Table of Contents
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