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Suggestions to Skip Heavy Traffic on the Dubai Roads

Five common traffic violations
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Skip Heavy Traffic

Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic city which is growing consistently in multiple sectors including infrastructure, technology, business, and tourism etc. As one of the most developing cities of the world, Dubai stands to witness an immense inflow of investors, tourists, and job seekers every year.

As busy as the Dubai airports remain throughout the year or seasons, the situation on the roads is not much different. There is a wide range of network of interlinked roads in the city. It is sometimes difficult to avoid traffic while driving on Dubai roads at peak hours, especially on main and connecting roads. For instance, Sheikh Zayed Road heading towards Sharjah and vice versa witnesses huge traffic in the morning and evening as well. Similarly, Al Khalil Road is very busy with heavy traffic flow, both times in morning and evening as well.

Following are a few impactful tips to help you to beat the Traffic very Safely and Easily:

Keep away from Peak Hours:

Office and school timings are the vital ana main essential determiners of street traffic. Generally, urban areas will, in general, have an explicit occasion when the group streams a very specific way. The southern piece of the Dubai shapes the focal center for workplaces which is typically start somewhere in the range of 8 AM and 9 AM. Refrain from going towards south Dubai during these peak hours in the week. Car hire near me driving to north Dubai from 5 PM to 7 PM ought to be avoided as well, as it is the peak hours for the officegoers and getting back. Apart from that, the streets additionally will, in general, become very busy with the school transports during these hours as well.

Know the Congested Areas:

Cheap car hire is an unambiguous region in the Dubai that face heavy traffic because of the expanding population, mainstream the travel and tour industry attractions, narrow streets, feast in cafes, and many more different reasons as well. Jumeriah Lake Towers, Discovery Gardens, and Jumeriah Beach Residence are the significant attraction in southern Dubai. They draw in weighty stalemate during these top hours. Karama, Deira, and the International city likewise frequently face very hefty traffic, outlining the private focal areas in northern Dubai as well.

Dubai Road

Use Weekend Mornings:

Early morning hours are always ideal for designing your drive on the Friday weekend as well, as the vast majority of the people will, in general, remain at home after joyful Thursday night parties. Be that as it may be, you may frequently face little traffic on the streets of Dubai during the evening. Streets near significant shopping malls and shopping centers and stops might be jam packed throughout the ends of the week, as the families will in general visit during this time to enjoy the life. Henceforth, your shopping center and some park plans can be planned for the non-weekend days and plan extended morning drives on Friday mornings.

Do not go Ahead:

Moving and attacking authority is not much important. This will create problems for you as well. Just always try to be calm, relax and organize. Stay at your line and do not jump and do not rush, if you do so, it will create a clam and relaxation in your mind.


You must always use the Dubai Police app which will keep yourself very well-educated and informed about the current traffic situation and conditions on the roads and streets, accidents and if there is any temporary road closures. You may simply download the Dubai Police app (iOS / Android) and register / login to receive the real-time updates and alerts from the police department. You can easily make the plan for your journey on a different and alternate route and save the time after getting the benefits from app. When roads are provisionally closed due to any official hurdles / event / obstacles on holidays, the Dubai Police app will always update and notify you to help and accordingly to avoid deviations and delays. Most of the drivers of Rent a car company in Dubai use this app before starting the journey.

Table of Contents
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