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Things to know before using Adaptive Cruise Control

Things to know before using Adaptive Cruise Control
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What is Adaptive Cruise Control System?

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an active safety system that automatically controls the acceleration / gasoline / power to engine and braking system of a vehicle with combination of acceleration and braking. It can be activated through a button fixed on the steering wheel and cancelled by driver’s braking system and / or any other button.

How to Use it?

The specific controls will be different depending on your type of car and their functions, but usually you will have to start by setting a cruising speed and a following distance to the car ahead.

Activation / Deactivation:

Most of the ACC systems in the cars are operated by controls on the steering wheel. You always can intercede at any time by using brake pedal / brake lever or accelerator pedal.

Speed Setting:

You can set the speed using the plus / minus speed button on the steering wheel. You can also accelerate as normal until the desired speed is required. Then you can press a button to come up with ACC “remember” the speed limit. Most of the ACC systems will work down to about 25 MPH.

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Distance Setting:

Cars ACC systems allow you to set a following distance, or time interval, between your car and the car is going ahead. ACC systems provide the various car-to-car distance options, such as, short distance, medium distance, or a long distance from the on-going car. You can change the setting at any time as per the traffic conditions change and as per your requirements / mood. A longer setting is recommended for most driving to stay safe while in your journey.

Speed and distance sensors:

ACC always uses information from two sensors: 1: a distance sensor that monitors the gap to the car is going ahead and 2: a speed sensor that automatically accelerates and decelerates your car by managing the speed. ACC always use the data / information from these already installed sensors to adjust the speed limit and maintain the considerable pre-set distance from the car in front of going you.

Your car ACC system looks directly in front of you for other going vehicles. Because it’s fitting in front of your car and looks forward only, your car ACC system may catch the trouble detecting the traffic while moving through curving roads. Nissan sunny rent a car Dubai and Rent Nissan sunny 2020 car in Dubai are growing gradually and having the updated model of the cars.

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Car ACC functions by sensory technology installed within vehicles such as cameras, lasers, and radar equipment, which creates an idea of how close one car is to another car, or other objects on the roadway which can create the problem. For this explanation, ACC is the starting point for upcoming car intelligence.

These sensory technologies allow the car to detect and warn the driver well in time, as set, about potential forward collisions. When this happens, red lights begin to flash and a louder beep can also be heard in some cases, and the phrase ‘brake now!’  which appears on the instrument panel / dashboard to assist the driver to move slow down now. There can also be a perceptible and loud warning.

Some key advantages of car ACC includes an increase in road safety, as cars with this technology will keep the adequate spacing between them and other vehicles but always alertness of the driver is necessary and required to manage the ACC. These space-mindful features will also help to prevent accidents on the roads that result from a blocked view or close following distance. Similarly, ACC will help maximize traffic flow because of its spatial awareness. As a driver, you do not have to worry about your speed, and instead, you can focus on what is going on around you.

Although, there are many benefits to adaptive cruise control, there are still limitations to consider it. One of the main weaknesses in this system is that it is not totally independent. The driver of the vehicle still needs to practice safe driving habits that will work in tandem with this technology to produce the best results. Similarly, adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, or fog might confuse the system’s sensors, as well as environmental factors such as driving through tunnels.

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