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What Should you know while Hiring a car with Cruise Control?

Hiring a car with cruise control
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Drivers are, now a days, interested to Hiring a Car having the option of cruise control to save them from the exhaustion of driving cars, especially on long routes. The cruise control feature is pleasure for almost all drivers that replicates the human driving capability and offers an effortless ride with an ultimate driving experience. If you plan to hire a car with a cruise control feature, to Traveling in Dubai and looking for rent a car by using the services of Car Rentals in Dubai, then there are some must-known facts that you should be aware of.

When you think to hire a car having the facility of cruise control and there are many people, you will see which supports from both the sides, and some drivers are dye heart fan of it, and others will be hesitant to engage it.

To make things a bit clearer, I would like to try and explain how this technology works. The constant pressing of the accelerator pedal can much be exhausting during a long drive on an open road / highway. It is a feature that helps to reduce driver tiredness while driving long distances and mimics the human driving style. Rather than using the accelerator pedal all the time, it uses an actuator to control the throttle and to maintain the same speed.

Older models of the cars, normally use a cable attached to the accelerator to maintain a set of speed by keeping the gas pedal in a certain position, while new and modern car models manage speed electronically through a computer program instead of using a cable which is now a days, is old technology. A wireless system that is connected to a computer with various sensors and throttle controls the feature instead of wires. Using this newer technology, the speed can automatically be adjusted to maintain a safe distance based on the speed of the vehicle ahead. This new function reduces driver’s fatigue and is particularly useful on long open stretches of road as well as in congested, or slow-moving traffic.

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Read on to learn some helpful tips and information to ensure a pleasant driving experience if you are renting a cruise control vehicle:

Familiarize with basic cruise operations:

If you are riding a cruise control enabled car for the first time, then it is essential to familiarize yourself with the features before riding the car.

Adjust and settle down car speed:

It is mandatory to always settle a controlled speed while putting the car on cruise control mode so that it can drive on its own while giving a trouble-free ride. And you must make sure that the pre-set speed must not be exceeded from the ideal and allowed speed limit of the road where you are running.

Evaluate the weather conditions:

It is advised to strongly observe and evaluate weather conditions with fair judgement before applying the cruise control feature.

Evaluate the road conditions:

The cruise control feature is not advised to use in heavy traffic. You should evaluate the road conditions before applying this feature because it can only be maintained the speed but cannot alter the speed timely in the case of an approaching vehicle. So, apply this feature when the traffic is lesser or negligible and / or a road is a long road i.e., highway etc.

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Stay alert:

You must have to pay much attention to the road after applying this feature which is not true at all. The cruise control maintains the car speed while giving you ease but the system still requires you to stay alert all the time for any obstacle on road.

Ensure the car is well-maintained:

While hiring the car with a cruise control feature, make sure that the car is well-maintained by the owner and car rental company. It is always very necessary that the car must be well serviced and having the proper maintenance well in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Table of Contents
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