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Don’t let kids eat while you are driving

Don’t let kids eat while you are driving
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Many of the professionals and research have researched over it which shows that many of the children fall target to road accidents, but more than that, children lost their precious lives when they choke with food in car while travelling. This is especially very common between minor children normally aged from one to three years or above almost. It is highly suggested and recommended by the professionals that do not to provide food to your kids especially while travelling in the car. Most rental car companies in Dubai complain that their cars are dirty and ugly when returned from rent, especially when the owner has the children while traveling with them. Cleaning these cars is very hectic and very expensive as well, and a lot of damages done to the car floor and seat covers as well.

I usually never give my kids snacks to eat in the car while I am driving, but that day, I was in a rush.

Apart from a messy car with all the food particles and crumbs, it is much dangerous to let your child munch on food items while you are driving. We all understand that children can be a bit im-patient when they are made to sit in one place without doing anything. It is especially when they are in the car and there is nothing to do. It is very tough situation when you are driving and travelling, and the kid’s behavior gets challenging since your mind is totally on the road.


Most parents are thinking to give them their favorite food to eat while chomping is the safest and best way to drive in peace. Kids can sit normally when they are eating and, in this way, you can drive with full attention without mess & stress. But that is not the proper way. Most of the children are left choking due to eating nuts items, meat / beef, and even biscuits while travelling / driving. If you do not want to mess with your car and with your kids, it is best to rent a car in Dubai and enjoy a pleasant drive. However, ensure you do not give food to your child while driving.

So, with my kids munching away in the back seat all the time, we left the parking lot, and I went into the main street. Customer traffic was significant, and the cars were barely moving about twenty mph or slower, perhaps, when I suddenly heard my son chocking and coughing. I turned my head to find him spitting out a large amount of his snack all over his chest.  My kid hollered, “He’s heaving on his snack!” and his alarm was continuously increasing, and I immediately tried to cross from the middle lane of the road to the right lane of the road to stop the car. By this time, I stopped the car in very hurry, pulled out the key, waited a couple of seconds for traffic to clear enough for me to open and exit my door, run around to his door, open it and loosen his car seat belt & harness, the bitter part of a minute had passed. Rent mustang Dubai and Rent mustang convertible are having the updated models of the car for their clients.


I was very Lucky that my son was breathing the whole time while I was shifting the lane from upper to lower. His biggest problem was that a too-big bite of the cereal bar caused to him to gag, and he attempted successfully, thank goodness to cough it out of his mouth. The worst of it was that his shirt, pants, sneakers, and car seat were soaked with gagging goop, and he was unhappy. The good news and happiness for me is that, that he never stopped breathing, By the Grace of God.

The best advice, for which I always plan to follow is that: Allow time for kids for snacking before you planned to go out or plan a few minutes to stop during your trip for a bite or drink and refreshment. Next time, I will always wait the few extra seconds / minutes to keep an eye to supervise my kids’ snacks and drinks safely before approaching the road.

As you know that driving is always need a kind attention. So, you should keep your sharp attention to the driving for safest journey.

Table of Contents
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