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Fog Lights Using Guide

When to use fog lights

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There is a lot of confusion with respect to use the fog lights. If you get it wrong, you could be taking risk of your life and the life of others as well. Breaking of law can also be a serious matter.

You always be worried and wondering when to use your fog lights? For this case, you are not alone.

For most of the reasons, it has always been a bit of a grey area among drivers, with most of us either not bothering to use fog lights at all or doing so incorrectly.

Fog lights should only be used in the fog, when the visibility go down or below 100 meters (328 feet) which is roughly the length of a football pitch, this is stated by the Highway Code (rule 226).

If while driving in fog, your car is involved in an accident and you were not using your car fog lights, it may in-validate your car insurance and may increase the chance of accident as well.

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Always, try to use your common sense. If the fog is so severe that you are struggling to see other vehicles or struggling to see the right lane of the road, switch on your fog lights immediately. But do not keep switching them off and on again, as this can confuse other drivers as well.

Heavy fog, rain, and other weather conditions that reduce your visibility on the road can make the driver to drive the car in difficulty, if not downright impossible. If your vehicle is not equipped with the right lights, driving in these conditions can lead to hazardous situations, which in turn can result in serious or even fatal accidents.

Therefore, the fig lights are essential additions to your vehicle. These are entirely different from your regular headlights and have a very specific use.

Most of the Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi are using the proper fog lights/equipment in their car to safeguard the travelers and provide the cheapest rate of rent a car.

A front fog light is a type of motorized light that helps the driver to see in front of the vehicle. It is normally located below the headlight assembly and is designed to produce a wide beam of light that is shaped like a “bar,” with a sharp cutoff at the top to avoid it from reflecting off the fog.

Fog lamps are usually fixed reasonably low and typically about twelve to thirty inches above the road surface and tilted downward to illuminate the ground below the fog.

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A sand or dust storm can occur in certain states and or occasionally it can be started in any area of the state. So, this is where the fog lamps can be helpful, as they can help you navigate the road in front of you as you pull out of the highway or street and onto the shoulder. Rent a car in Dubai per day for travelling in Dubai to enjoy the journey.

During the colder autumn and winter months of the year, you should always check to see if your fog lights are well working before setting off on any journey.

If your vehicle has automatic fog lights / beam lights that come on during a low light level, you may need to manually turn on your fog lights as they do not always do it automatically.

The same principle applies with DRLs (daytime running lights), as a lot of vehicles with this feature would not actually turn on the rear lights.

Similarly, as the front fog lights, rear fog lights (or rear fog lamps) are there to help other drivers coming from behind you to avoid hitting you. Rear fog lights always help to the car driver coming behind to see the distance and serve as an extra set of low-level lights for other drivers to judge the object in front of the driver.

Table of Contents

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