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Complete Guide to Al Nahda Park Sharjah

al nahda park sharjah
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Are you looking for something extraordinary in Sharjah? Or want a place equally fun for all age groups? A placid place for relaxation and nature connection for the residents of Sharjah is Al Nahda Park. From where to go, best times to visit and what activities to indulge in, we have all covered them here. Also, many residents of Sharjah choose the Al Nahda neighborhood. It is because of the best place of residence. It has an affordable rate, accessibility in terms of transport, and a good number of local facilities.

History of Al Nahda Park

With extensive history dating back since 2000’s, Al Nahda Park remains an interesting historical site. The premises have undergone a series of transformations. Since it was officially opened to the public in 2004. It has a view to becoming the beautiful well-kept place it is now. This shows how the city’s development always keeps in mind green spaces for creation and healthiness.


Get ready to enjoy the beauty of Al Nahda Park, Sharjah. It is a heaven for the children. The hidden gem amidst Sharjah city’s hustle and bustle is Al Nahda Park located in UAE. This park provides a peaceful sanctuary away from urban madness. Known as ‘Nahda Park Sharjah’ among locals. It actually acts as a lush green haven for those living around it. Thus, offering various amenities and activities.


Al Nahda area is off street number 12. It is exactly where one would predictably find Al Nahda Park Sharjah situated at. It serves as an easily reachable destination. Thus, making it an exquisite spot for individuals or families. Especially, who prefer taking some time out amidst nature. For full details on directions, please refer to Al Nahda Park Sharjah location map

Nearby Communities & Attractions

nahda park sharjah

There are many reasons why residents go to Al Nahda neighborhood in Sharjah. One of the reasons is because it is affordable, easily accessible and has a lot of amenities. The park is surrounded by a number of other retail outlets, hotels, cafes and other service providers. Thus, making it a convenient and lively place.

Nearby Communities

Sharjah’s Al Nahda is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods. It has a wide range of facilities for various activities. It has mainly residential buildings comprising apartments as well as villas. Therefore, it becomes an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts. Especially, who enjoy living within a thriving community. Some nearby communities include:

  • Al Majaz: 10 minutes away
  • LuLu Village: 12 minutes away
  • Al Qasimia: 13 minutes away
  • Halwan Suburb: 13 minutes away

Nearby Attractions

The Green oasis called Al Nahda Park Sharjah is centrally located within the city. The park offers a quiet setting and various recreational options perfect for every age group. It is conveniently situated with easy access to various attractions. This makes it suitable for residents and visitors alike. Especially, who would love to live around nature while experiencing life in this vibrant community of Sharjah City. Some such attractions include:

  • Sahara Centre: 3 mins away
  • Arab Mall: 8 mins away
  • Expo Centre: 9 mins away
  • Al Mamzar Beach: 10 mins away
  • Al Nahda Pond Park:13 mins Away

Opening Hours

Opening times at Al Nahda Park Sharjah are fixed. But calling ahead before visiting would be advisable. So that you get up-to-date information about the timings of its operation. Families have all day to have fun. Since the park does not close even on public holidays.

Timing: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Daily)

Sporting Facilities Timings

The park features different sporting facilities that are accessible at various times:

  • Football Ground: 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM
  • Volleyball Ground: 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight)

Contact Number

Al Nahda Park has no specific phone number. But a contact can be made with Sharjah Municipality for further questions or to confirm the operational time:

Sharjah Municipality Contact: +971 6 562 3333


Although it was previously a free-entry national park. Al Nahda Park Sharjah now charges an entrance fee to control the admission and cater for its needs.

Entry ticket: AED 2

Nevertheless, renting a bicycle or kart alone costs AED 50 and an additional AED 20 each hour.


Al Nahda Park Sharjah is a park that appeals to all ages as it contains various attractions. These include:

Top Attractions in Al Nahda Park

The Green Oasis

Get amazed by the manicured lawns, beautiful flower beds and countless plants. These are actually just some elements of this lush green oasis within the heart of Sharjah. It is perfect for walking, having picnics with family and friends, or simply enjoying the natural beauty.

Children’s Playground

Families with young children will appreciate this dedicated children’s playground area. All the contemporary play facilities are provided in a secure environment. Kids can enjoy themselves while parents unwind nearby.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Health enthusiasts will come across outdoor fitness machines along the walk paths. They offer guests an opportunity to keep fit. By incorporating workout into their daily activities without necessarily going to gyms.

Mini Zoo

One of Al Nahda Park’s highlights is the mini zoo which houses several small animals. It includes birds, rabbits and turtles. This makes it ideal for children who want to get up close with these creatures. Have great fun watching them grow.

Gazebos and Picnic Spots

There are gazebos which provide shades as well as picnic areas. Where one can relax by reading books or eating food. They are serene spots that offer sun breaks.

Botanical Garden

In Al Nahda Park, there is a beautiful botanical garden with different types of plants and flowers. Therefore, we need to know that this garden is not only beautiful. But also has varieties of plant species so one can learn about them.

Basketball Court and Football Ground

Here you can find places for sports lovers to enjoy themselves while doing their favorite activities.

Dedicated Cycling Tracks

There is an area specifically designed for those who love cycling as a way of exploring the park.

Jogging Paths

You will find properly maintained lanes for people who like jogging or walking to keep fit.

Events and Activities in Al Nahda Park Sharjah

Al Nahda Park regularly hosts many different events and activities. Especially during weekends and on special days. Here are some of the usual events to expect.

Cultural Festivals

The park often commemorates the rich cultural heritage of Sharjah with carnivals. It features traditional music, dance, food, and handcrafts. These festivals offer an animated experience for visitors of all ages.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Al Nahda Park sometimes turns into an open-air cinema screening popular movies. Where families and friends can enjoy under the stars. Get a blanket with you together with some snacks. Have a nice movie night at a beautiful place.

Fitness Classes

If you are into fitness, then this is the best time to go out. Since the park also has outdoor exercises like yoga, aerobics or even boot camps. These classes are a good way to keep your body in shape while enjoying nature around you.

Community Events

There are several community initiatives. It includes charity races, programs on ecological vigilance as well as learning workshops. These will be taking place within this park. Such gatherings promote unity among people and encourage active involvement in societal concerns.

Family-Friendly Activities

On weekends or holidays, one may come across family-centered activities. Such as face painting for children puppet shows or storytelling sessions which happen here within the park. These activities make it lively for families.

Special Occasions

There are events for various festive seasons including National Day, Eid and other public holidays. Al Nahda Park organizes theme-based events characterized by decorations, performances and fun-filled activities for everyone.

Checking the Event Calendar

You have to stay updated about upcoming events happening at Al Nahda Park. It is always important to keep checking its event calendar frequently. So that one can take part in any opportunity provided. In order to have fun with others as a vibrant community atmosphere surrounds it.

Features of Al Nahda Park in Dubai


Al Nahda Park offers different amenities plus recreational facilities. Thus, making it the favorite of the locals:

  • Public Washrooms: For people to freshen up.
  • Fast-Food Outlet: The park entrance has a small joint offering drinks and snacks.
  • Dustbins: Bins are located in many positions for easy rubbish disposal ensuring cleanliness.
  • Recycling Collection Point: There is one specific center dedicated for recycling different wastes.
  • Good Lighting: Beautiful lights have been installed all over the park and around the lake. Thus, making it look more attractive during evening walks.
  • Mosque: Visitors can combine their prayers with visits. The nearby mosque is Al-Zarooni Grand Mosque as it’s adjacent to it.
  • Wheelchair Entrance: Special entrances that can be accessed by disabled individuals only. It ensures no one is left out on such a day.
  • Parking Space: Enough parking space outside Al Nahda Pond Park. Visitors must purchase parking tickets in order to park.


In the brownish colors of Sharjah, Al Nahda Park purges your eyes and mind with fresh greenery. It does not only have lush greenery but also different cuisines. China Park which is located within the park specializes in Chinese and Indian dishes. Some other eateries around the park are:

  • Ashirwad Food Court: 5 minutes away
  • Shams Al Rolla Restaurant: 12 minutes away
  • Buonissimo Restaurant & Cafe: 15 minutes away
  • Ginger & Lemon Restaurant: 13 minutes away
  • Al Madhi Restaurant: 12 minutes away

Cultural and Recreational Sites

  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization offers the exhibit and artifacts. It actually reflects the great history of Islamic civilization.
  • Enjoy exploring Al Qasba Entertainment Centre. This center offers a wide range of games, rides and shows for you to enjoy.
  • Al Majaz Waterfront is where you can relax on the waterfront. While you can enjoy dining or shopping from there as well.
  • Sharjah Art Museum showcases modern/contemporary art works. These are drawn from the various parts of the globe as well as locally produced art pieces. In addition to those done by artists from across the Arabian Peninsula.

Grocery Shops

There are many grocery stores around Al Nahda Park where one can do their shopping. A few notable ones are as follows:

  • Lulu Hypermarket Al Nahda Park Sharjah – right at its main entrance
  • Noor Al Ameen Grocery – 2 min away
  • Al Tabaya Grocery – 2 min away
  • Al Arfaa Grocery – 5 min away
  • Viva Supermarket – 12 mins away
  • PriyaRishi-14 mins onwards.

Nearby Hotels

For quietude lovers or people who want to have fun outdoors, Al Nahda Park in Sharjah is a choice place to be. These features are combined with natural beauty surrounding them. Thereby, offering family recreational activities. The following hotels are nearby:

  • Al Nahda Tower: 5 minutes away
  • Al Zubaidi Building: 5 minutes away
  • Garden Plaza Tower: 10 minutes away
  • Al Azmi Hotel116: 11 minutes away
  • Hotspot Chinese & Momos: 16 minutes away

Things to Consider When Visiting Al Nahda Park Sharjah

When making plans to visit Al Nahda Park Sharjah, there are a number of rules and regulations. These should be borne in mind for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment and safety:

  • Al Nahda Park is essentially accessible only by people who have the park entry card issued by Sharjah.
  • Barbecuing is not allowed within the area of this park.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles are not permitted at the park gate.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the park confines.
  • There are no pets allowed in Al Nahda Park Sharjah.

These rules ensure that all visitors have fun without compromising security and cleanliness. Adhere to these guidelines while visiting Al Nahda Park Sharjah to make it exciting!


Al Nahda Park in Sharjah downtown provides a serene place for relaxation. There are different recreational facilities for people of all ages. This tranquil lovely garden allows you a chance to get intimate with nature. You can take a quiet walk or engage with friends and family through various activities.


The opening hours are fixed throughout the year: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
While finding a parking spot can be challenging, there are parking facilities in the area.
Yes, there is a football field located opposite 38 Street.
Yes, the basketball court is next to the football field.
Yes, visitors can bring food or snacks. Additionally, there are shops and restaurants inside and around the park.
Al Nahda Park Sharjah offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages, including a football field, basketball court, walking paths, outdoor exercise stations, a kids’ area, and picnic tables.
Table of Contents
AED 39 /day
AED 1070 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1350 /mo.
AED 69 /day
AED 1370 /mo.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of Al Nahda Park Sharjah during Ramadan?

The opening hours are fixed throughout the year: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Are there parking facilities available at Al Nahda Park?

While finding a parking spot can be challenging, there are parking facilities in the area.

Is there a football field in the park?

Yes, there is a football field located opposite 38 Street.

Is there a basketball court in the park?

Yes, the basketball court is next to the football field.

Can visitors bring food or snacks to the park?

Yes, visitors can bring food or snacks. Additionally, there are shops and restaurants inside and around the park.

What are the recreational options available at Al Nahda Park Sharjah?

Al Nahda Park Sharjah offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages, including a football field, basketball court, walking paths, outdoor exercise stations, a kids’ area, and picnic tables.