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How to Pay and Check Dubai Traffic Fines?

How to Pay Traffic fines Dubai
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Driving in Dubai is exciting, but it’s super important to follow the traffic rules. Whether you have your own car or car rental in Dubai, you have to obey traffic rules. This guide is all about understanding and dealing with traffic fines in the city. Knowing this stuff can save you from trouble and extra costs. In Dubai, they really care about keeping drivers safe, so if you break the rules, you might have to pay big fines. But don’t worry, they’ve made it easy to pay fines to avoid extra problems. This article explains all the ways to pay and check your traffic fines in Dubai, making it simpler for everyone.

Understand Traffic Fines in Dubai

In Dubai, traffic fines are imposed for various violations, encompassing offenses such as speeding, improper land usage, faulty vehicles, and parking violations. The fines issued depend on the gravity of the infraction, typically ranging from AED 200 to AED 2,000. For more serious violations, the consequences may escalate to imprisonment, suspension of the driver’s license, or even imprisonment. It is crucial to have a good understanding of Dubai traffic laws and adhere diligently to steer clear of potential trouble and legal consequences.

How to Check Traffic Fines in Dubai?

You have several options for checking your traffic fines in Dubai:

Official Websites (Online Payment):

There аre multiple websites that make it easy to check and pay fines. Each emirate has its own site, but the Ministry of Interior website covers fines from anywhere in the UAE. The websites also handle any other traffic fine inquiries you might have.

Mobile Applications:

You can use mobile apps to check and pay your fines on the go.

Payment Machines (Kiosks):

There are kiosks where you can conveniently settle your fines.

Traffic Departments:

You can visit the traffic departments for assistance.

List of Official Websites to Check and Pay Traffic Fines

Here’s a list of official websites where you can check and pay traffic fines:
· The Ministry of Interior website.
· The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website.
· The Dubai Police website.
· The Sharjah and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority website.

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online?

RTA Website:

  • Go to the RTA website and access the “My Services” category.
    · Log in to your RTA account.
    · Click on “Traffic Fines.”
    · Review your traffic violations.
    · To pay, hit the “Pay Now” button.
    · Choose your payment method, enter the necessary details, and click “Pay” to finish.

Dubai Police Website:

  • Visit the Dubai Police website and go to “Fines Inquiry and Payment.”
    · Enter your vehicle details or driving license number.
    · Click “Search” to see your traffic violations.
    · To clear fines, click “Pay Now.”
    · Choose your payment method, provide the required details, and click “Pay” to complete the transaction.

Dubai Now App:

  • Download the Dubai Now app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
    · Create an account and log in.
    · Tap on the “Traffic” icon.
    · Select “Fines” to view your traffic infractions.
    · To settle fines, tap “Pay Now.”
    · Choose your payment method, input the required details, and tap “Pay” to finalize the payment.

Dubai Police Call Center:

  • Dial 901 to connect with the Dubai Police call center.
    · Follow the operator’s instructions to review and settle your traffic fines.

Mobile Text Messages:

If you signed up for SMS notifications from Dubai Police, you’ll get messages about your fines. The messages will explain the violation and guide you on how to pay. Just follow the link provided in the messаge to make the payment online.

List of offline Methods to Pay Traffic Fines:

Here’s a rundown of various methods to pay and check traffic fines in the UAE:
· Mobile Applications:
· Abu Dhabi Police app
· Ministry of Interior app
· Dubai Police app
· RTA Dubai app
· Dubainow app
You can conveniently check and pay your traffic fines using these official mobile apps, available for download on Google Play and the App Store. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll receive confirmation on the app, via email, and through your phone number.

Payment Machines (Kiosk)

Data centralization allows users to access services like fine payments through multiple platforms, including self-service kiosks located across the UAE. Here’s how to check fines through kiosks:
· Visit the nearest kiosk station with your ID.
· Click on ‘E-service’ and then ‘Fine Inquiry.’
· Enter your vehicle details, such as license and fine number.
· Pay the fine.
· Self-service kiosks also offer the option to check traffic and parking fines.

Traffic Department:

While not as convenient as online methods, you can also check, pay, and report traffic fines at your nearest traffic department. Here’s what you need to do:
· Visit the nearest traffic department.
· Ensure you have your ID card, vehicle registration number, Emirates ID, and insurance details.
· Provide your vehicle details or driving license number.
· The staff will assist you in verifying and paying your fines.
· Apply for the service through the specialized counter.
· Pay the fines or resolve any queries.

RTA Customer Service Centers:

  • Visit any RTA customer service center.
    · Go to the traffic fines counter.
    · Share your vehicle details or driving license number with the staff.
    · The staff will verify your fines and help you settle them.

Payment Methods for Traffic Fines:

Paying Dubai traffic fines is straightforward with these payment methods:
· Credit Card: Use your credit card for online, phone, or in-person fine payments.
· Debit Card: Debit cards are accepted for online and in-person fine settlements.
· Cash: Dubai Police stations and RTA customer service centers welcome cash for fine payments.

Important Guidelines:

  • If you can’t pay your fines in full, you can request a payment plan.
    · If you believe a traffic fine was issued incorrectly, you have the right to appeal.

Additional Details:

  • Non-UAE residents can check their traffic fines too.
    · You can clear someone else traffic fines if you have their vehicle details or driving license number.

For inquiries or issues

  • Contact the Dubai Police call center at 901.
    · Reach out to the RTA customer service center at 800 829 292. Easy ways to manage your fines!

Non-Payable Traffic Fines in Dubai

For non-payable traffic fines in Dubai, which involve violations that result in black points, fines can only be settled at the police station. It’s crucial to be aware of all traffic laws, fines, and speed limits in the UAE to avoid trouble, as Dubai has strict regulations regarding traffic-related violations. Ensure there аre no pending fines to maintain a clean record. Being informed about these rules and regulations is essential for smooth and safe driving experience in Dubai.

Documents Required to Pay Traffic Fines

To pay traffic fines in Dubai, you will need the following documents:
· Traffic File Number: This is a unique identifier for your traffic record.
· Date of Birth (D.O.B) of the License Holder: The birthdate оf the person holding the driving license for the vehicle.
· A Valid Debit or GCC Card: A debit card or a card issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for making payments.

Benefits of Paying Traffic Fines Promptly

  • Avoid Increased Penalties: Timely payment prevents additional penalties from accumulating, saving you money.
    · Preserve Your Driving Record: Prompt payment maintains a clean driving record, crucial for future violations and insurance matters.
    · Insurance Costs: Paying on time helps in keeping insurance premiums lower, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
    · Legal Troubles: Ignoring fines can lead to severe consequences like vehicle impoundment or license suspension. Timely payment ensures compliance with the law.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

  • Payment Rejected: Double-check provided information to ensure accuracy.
    · Fine Not Updated: Patience is key; it may take a few days for the system to reflect the payment.
    · Technical Problems: Contact relevant authorities for assistance in case of platform issues.
    · Customer Service: For assistance, contact the Dubai Police customer service hotline at 901.

Tips to Avoid Traffic Violations in Dubai

  • Obey Speed Limits: Always adhere to posted speed limits.
    · Parking Regulations: Respect parking rules to avoid fines.
    · Traffic Signals: Follow traffic signals diligently.
    · Mobile Usage: Avoid using your phone while driving without a hands-free system.
    · Seat Belts: Ensure all passengers wear seat belts to avoid fines.

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Paying traffic fines in Dubai is a responsibility that contributes to a safer driving environment. Understanding the process, benefits, and tips for avoiding violations ensures a hassle-free driving experience. Share this information with fellow drivers to promote a responsible and law-abiding driving community in Dubai.


  • Can I dispute a traffic fine in Dubai?
    Absolutely, you have the right to contest a fine if you believe it was issued in error. Seek guidance from the Dubai Traffic Department for assistance.
  • What is the highest fine for overspeeding in Dubai?
    The fine for overspeeding varies based on the exceeded speed limit. It’s crucial to check the specific fine amount corresponding to your violation.
  • Can visitors settle traffic in Dubai?
    Certainly, tourists are obligated to promptly settle their fines and can use the sаme payment methods as residents.
  • Are there discounts for settling early in Dubai?
    Yes, Dubai provides discounts for early payment of fines, encouraging timely settlements.
  • How can I pay traffic fine online in Dubai?
    You can pay online through the official Dubai Police website or mobile app using various payment methods.
  • Can I pay Dubai traffic fines in installments?
    Yes, you can pay certain fines in installments, providing a more flexible payment option.
  • How can I waive traffic fines in Dubai?
    Traffic fines in Dubai can be waived through safe driving initiatives, like the “White Points” system.
  • How do I check traffic fine details?
    You can check fine details on the Dubai Police website or app by entering your vehicle information.
  • How much is a counterflow violation?
    The nine for a counterflow violation depends on the specific circumstances; check the Dubai Police website for details.
  • How do I pay my SHJ fine?
    Pay your (SHJ) Sharjah traffic fines online through the official Sharjah Police website or app.
  • What happens if you don’t pay a violation ticket in Dubai?
    Non-payment of a violation ticket in Dubai may lead to penalties, license suspension, or other legal consequences.


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