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Top 10 Chinese Car Brands in UAE

top chinese cars dubai
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From the last few years, the automotive industry has seen a remarkable transformation with Chinese car manufacturing. The UAE is famous for its luxury vehicles and Chinese car brands have been making a great place in the UAE market. It offers the consumers a significant blend of innovation, style and affordability. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 10 Chinese car brands in UAE. So, let’s get started:


BYD car rental DUbai

  • BYD Popular Models: Some of the Popular models offered by BYD are BYD Song, BYD E6, BYD Tang. Among them, BYD Tang is the best Chinese cars in uae. It’s a plug-in hybrid SUV. It’s Eco-friendliness and comfort making it one of the ideal choices for environmental conscious individuals in the UAE.
  • History: BYD (build your dreams?) was founded in 1995. The company is famous for its energy stored solutions and cutting edge electric vehicles. The brand is gaining great popularity in the UAE automotive market due to commitment to green technology. Moreover, the BYD has also positioned it as a leader in the EV segment.
  • Innovation: The advancement in battery technology of BYD has paved the way for Chinese electric cars in UAE. The blade battery of BYD is popular due to its enhanced safety and longitude. It also indicates the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility globally.

Great Wall Motors

GWM GReat Wall car rental Dubai

  • Great Wall Motors Popular Models: Great Wall Haval H9, Great Wall Haval H6, Haval Jolion  and Great Wall Poer are some of the Popular models offered by the company in UAE. The Haval H6 is a compact crossover SUV that promises to offer a perfect blind of comfort and versatility. It’s one of the popular choices for individuals who want both urban exploration and off-road adventure alike.
  • History: Great Wall Motors was founded in 1984. It is famous for building rugged SUVs to drive on diverse terrain. The company’s commitment to performance and quality has a great following among adventure lovers all around the globe.
  • Innovation: The Great Wall Motors innovation is evident in its lineup of SUVs. All the vehicles come with convenience technology and advanced safety features. Moreover, the brand focus on development and research to ensure that all the vehicles of Great Wall Motors remain at the forefront of automotive market.

JAC Motors

JAC Car Rental






  • JAC Motors was founded in 1964. The brand is popular for its commercial vehicles, electric vehicles as well as line up for passenger cars. That dedication to quality and performance of JAC Motors has earned a great reputation in the automotive industry in UAE as well as all round the globe.
  • JAC Motors Popular Models: JAC T6, JAC S4 and JAC S3 are some of the stand out models in the UAE. The JAC S3 is a subcompact crossover SUV. The vehicle promises to offer a combination of fuel efficiency style and agility. It’s a favorite among the drivers of UAE because it fulfills the needs of adventure seekers and urban commuters.
  • Innovation: JAC Motors Company is committed to innovation to the investment in electric and hybrid vehicle Technology. Along with these, the lineup of eco-friendly vehicles by JAC reflects the dedication to environmental consciousness and sustainability.


Geely Geometry A3 Rental Dubai

  • Geely Popular Models: Geely Atlas, GeelyCoolray, and Geely Emgrand 7 are among the brands popular models in the UAE. The Geely Emgrand 7 is famous for its impressive features and affordability. This compact sedan is getting quite popular among budget conscious consumers in UAE.
  • History: Geely was founded in 1986 by Li Shufu. Before emerging into the automotive industry, he started as a refrigerator manufacturer. After that, Geely has grown into one of the largest privately owned auto makers of China.
  • Innovation: Geely, the popular Chinese car brand has been at the forefront of innovation especially in the segment of electric vehicles. That company’s commitment to sustainability is to line up for electric cars due to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.


Hongqi H9 Rental Dubai

  • Hongqi Popular Models: Hongqi E-HS9, Hongqi H9, Hongqi HS7 and Hongqi HS5 are some of the notable models of Hongqi offered in UAE. The Hongqi H9 is a flagship legendary sedan. The vehicle comes with plush interior, advanced technology features and luxury design that attracts the heart of luxury car lovers in UAE and beyond.
  • History: Hongqi is also known as the Red flag in Chinese. It is one of the iconic luxury Chinese brands with a history dating back to 1958. The car brand is a statement of elegance and prestige as their vehicles have been liked by political dignitaries in China and beyond.
  • Innovation: The company’s commitment in innovation lies in the lineup of premium vehicles with cutting edge technology and luxury amenities. The company aims to offer customisation options with advanced driver assistance systems that optimize the elegance of Chinese automotive luxury.


Changan EV 460 Rental Dubai

  • Changan Popular Models: Some of the top selling models offered by Changan company are Changan CS35 Plus, Changan Cs75, Changan Eado and Changan Alsvin. The Changan CS75 is a compact SUV that combines advanced safety features with sleek design. It’s also famous due to many significant reasons among drivers in the UAE.
  • History: Chengan was established in 1862. The company comes with a rich legacy of automotive manufacturing in China. The brand has evolved into a global powerhouse over the years and famous due to the diverse lineup of vehicles according to the customers preferences.
  • Innovation: Changan, the popular Chinese car brand, has focused on development and research. This approach has led to the integration of cutting edge technology. The company continues to raise the bar for automatic innovation from advanced driving assistance systems to intelligence connectivity solutions among all vehicles.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation

Dongfeng rental car

  • Dongfeng Motor Corporation Popular Models: Some of the brand’s popular models in UAE are Dongfeng Aeolus AX7, Dongfeng Joyear X5, Dongfeng Aeolus A60. The Alexa X7 is quite popular due to its combination of sleek design with robust performance. The mid size SUV offers consumers a fine driving experience in the UAE.
  • History: Dongfeng Motor Corporation was established in 1969. The company is one of China’s leading automotive conglomerates. It offers new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and various types of products planning passenger cars.
  • Innovation: The company’s main focus on innovation is proven in its electric and hybrid vehicle technology. The company is to design eco-friendly vehicles to reduce the carbon emission and sustainable practices.


WEY car rental

  • WEY Popular Models: The brand’s flagship models in the UAE are WEY Tank 300, WEY VV5, WEY VV7. Among them, WEY VV7 is a mid size luxury SUV quite popular among the residents of UAE. The vehicle combines dynamic performance and opulent design elements to offer you a fine driving experience.
  • History: WEY is one of the luxurious Chinese brands under the Great Wall Motors umbrella. It was established in 2017. The brand’s focus is to build SUV vehicles with advanced features and cutting edge technology. Moreover, the performance and commitment to luxury has positions it as a great competitor in the upscale auto segment.
  • Innovation: WEY’s innovation is a line up of technology advanced vehicles and cheapest chinese car in uae. All the vehicles come with state of the art features, infotainment options and advanced driver assistance systems. Therefore all the vehicles of this brand offer the statement of sophistication and luxury.


Saic Car rental Dubai

  • SAIC Popular Models: Some of the Popular models offered by SAIC Motor corporation in UAE are MG ZS, MG GT, and Roewe RX5. MG ZS is a compact chinese suv in uae famous for its advanced infotainment system, spacious interior and stylistic design. It is the preference of modern consumers in UAE.
  • History: SAIC were founded in 1955 as one of the Chinese largest Automotive Manufacturers. Many brands come under this umbrella and the company’s global footprint extends to the UAE. The brand has a great name and reputation for its ability and performance.
  • Innovation: The company’s commitment to innovation is represented by offering autonomous vehicle technology and electric vehicles. Furthermore, the investment in research and development ensure that all the vehicles of SAIC Motor corporation come with latest advancements.

Zotye Auto

Zotye Car Rental

Zotye was founded in 2005. This Chinese company is famous for the production of compact cars and SUVs according to the needs of urban commuters. Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to fuel efficient vehicles and affordability makes it one of the popular choices for economical transportation solutions.

  • Zotye Auto Popular Models: The brand’s notable offerings in the UAE market are Zotye Z500, Zotye T300, and Zotye T600. Zotye t600 is a compact crossover SUV. The refined styling and spacious interior with modern features makes this cross over one of the popular choices for urban drivers in the UAE.
  • Innovation: The main focus of Zotye Auto ‘s Innovation and development of hybrid and electric vehicles is to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Along with this, the company’s commitment to sustainability also aligns with evolving customer preferences for electric vehicles.


The rise of Chinese car brands in the UAE is like a paradigm in the automotive industry. Consumers are increasingly embracing the values of these manufacturers. Chinese automakers offer affordable compact cars to luxurious SUVs according to the budget and preferences of the consumer. All the vehicles offer a blend of quality and innovation and these brands continue to push the boundaries of automotive excellence.

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