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Who are Better Drivers Women or Men?

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This is a long debate that who are better drivers women or men when it comes to the activity pertain to driving the vehicle, it’s particularly widespread when it comes to driving. Stereotypes have a massive role to play in the experiences of each gender and this is even more pronounced when it comes to, that how they handle being on the road. So, why do not we try to settle this debate once and for all by dismissing some myths available and investigating exactly what is going on behind the car / vehicle wheel.

For as long as, I can remember in my mind, men it has been told to me that they are, without any doubt, better drivers than women. The reason they want to debate on this topic with me in specifically is because, a female firstly and secondly has worked as a motor racing instructor, stunt driver, vehicle product trainer and automotive journalist as well.

Women or men

Women almost tend to be better drivers than men, much better, it is judging by the number of deaths they cause on the road and where the driver’s gender are under noted. Cheap rent a car online Dubai and hiring car on monthly basis are available for the travelers.

But as compared with women drivers, male drivers of cars and vehicles and vans had twice the rate of fatal accidents per mile driven which is shocking. Male truck drivers had about four times the rate of women truckers, and men driving motorcycles almost twelve times the rate of women motorcyclists. For bus drivers and bicycle riders, there was little difference between these sexes.

It is a very common misconception (you can say) that men spend more time in the car as compared to women. It is true (somehow) that the men are more likely to rack up the kilo meters, as they are more likely to take the vehicles on long journeys. However, when it comes to time in the car, then women are more likely to use their vehicles for domestic use such as to take the children to school, to collect the groceries, run errands and more.

Research shows that the drivers’ men are more likely to undertake, rear door, not indicate, lane hog, fail to give way and, most disturbingly, watch videos on a mobile phone while driving the car. Although the study on confused driving found that female drivers are more likely than men to use mobile phones while on the road and specially while driving the car.

better drivers

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Every car owner and even Car Rental also take care of their cars. Safety of the car and drivers as well has the main key factor while the car / drivers are on the road and Rent a Car Companies in Abu Dhabi are really looking for it.  Better driver can be interpreted in a few ways, namely more skilled and / or safer. We will start with the earlier like skilled driver. A Research data revealed that when it comes to passing the driving test for the first time, men always surpassed women. But when it comes to first time pass rates, 11% of men passed first-time, while only 9% of women may be able to get the succeed. So, if we were purely defining which is the ‘better’ gender on the road while driving the car by test pass rates, men take the gold for this one.

Passing your driving test is not only the indicator of whether someone is a very good driver or better driver. Along with that we also need to consider the safety, collision rates and driving offences as well which are more important also. Aggressive behavior by the drivers such as sharp acceleration and speed was also linked to the male drivers.

Table of Contents
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