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NOL Card Balance Check Online – RTA NOL Card

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Checking Balance on RTA Dubai Website

NOL Card

  1. Visit the RTA website
    Open your web browser and go to the official RTA Dubai site.
  2. Navigate to NOL Card section
    On Homepage, hover over the main menu Public Transport tab. Click NOL from the dropdown menu.
  3. Access Balance Check Tool
    Look for an option called “Check NOL Balance” or similar that can be found within the NOL section, click on it.
  4. Put in your NOL Tag ID
    Your NOL card tag id is a specific number item at the back of your NOL card. You will be asked to provide it shortly after this step. Enter your Tag ID in a designated field then click the Check Balance button.
  5. View Your Balance
    Once you have submitted your tag ID. You will see how much money remains on your current NOL card by a screen display. Then you will also see some recent details of the transactions.

Using RTA Dubai App

Check Traffic FIne

  1. Download The App
    For iOS users go to the app store while android users go to Google play store. Now just search for “RTA Dubai” and install the app.
  2. Complete Downloading
    Next, open the app and simply follow instructions given on screen for account setup. You may require giving some personal information and validating account details as well.
  3. Navigate to NOL Card Section
    Once ready, open the main menu or dashboard of this app and navigate to its NOL card section.
  4. Check Your Balance
    Enter NOL cards tag id into the provided box. Your balance will be shown along with other relevant details like last transactions made though.

Balance Check via SMS

  1. Register for SMS Service
    It should be ensured that the NOL card is registered with a SMS service.
    Registration can also be done online through the RTA website or by visiting the RTA customer service center personally in this regard.
  2. Check Balance via SMS
    Launch messaging application on mobile device with which this message is created through typing its text: “BAL [Your NOL Card Tag ID]” (e.g., “BAL 123456789”).
    Send it to the RTA assigned number that can also be found on their website or you can ask the RTA service center for the same.
  3. Receive Balance Information
    There will be an SMS sent to your phone with the current balance of your NOL card. It will probably be a summary of last operations performed on it too.
    Therefore, by making use of these electronic means, you will easily know about balance. Means how much money is there on your NOL card as well as control your travel and expenses better.

Offline Methods to Check Your NOL Card Balance

offplan card banace nol

Available Locations and Metro Stands

  • In Dubai, most of the key subway and bus stops feature ticket offices. It is also available at customer service centers.
  • These places are open for about eleven hours a day starting from 7:00 AM. However, this may change according to the different locations.

How to Request a Balance Check?

  • You can go to any office that sells tickets or visit a customer care desk.
  • Once you get there, give your NOL Card to any of these people. Ask them if they can check how much is remaining in it on your behalf.
  • While swiping it on their system, they will also show you what amount remains in your card. It will also be shown which are the recent transactions done with your NOL card.

TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines) Application

  • A TVM can be found in a metro or bus station.
  • Insert your NOL card into the reader slot. Hence, activating the process of balance checking.
  • It will require you to follow some prompts on the screen such as ‘Check Balance’.
  • The current balance alongside latest transactions shall come up after its completion.
  • Reading and Interpreting Balance Information from TVMs
  • Click on the “check balance” on the TVM screen. It will indicate one’s NOL card balance immediately after inserting a card.
  • This display may also add details like recent transactions and expiry date or remaining days before it expires.

Being aware of your NOL card balance is critical for hassle-free travel and everyday transactions. The NOL card in Dubai is a multi-purpose, rechargeable intelligent card used for public transportation. Knowledge about your balance prevents inconveniences during commuting. It also allows you to utilize its functionality effectively.

Understanding the NOL Card System

The NOL card system is the easiest and most efficient way to pay for public transport in Dubai. It includes metro, buses, trams and marine transport. It makes payment for multiple transportation services much easier using one card. Hence, making commuting stress free. Moreover, the NOL card can be employed on some selected retail stores for paying parking meters as well.

Types of NOL Cards

Following are the types of NOL cards available in Dubai:

Silver Card

silver card

This is a card that most of the people who use public transportation use often. It has a low-priced initial cost, allows easy top-ups, valid in all modes of transport and has the lowest rates.

Gold Card

golden card

It is just like a silver card but lets people access Gold Class cabins. For premium seating at the Gold Class cabin on metro and trams, it costs more than Silver. But it actually provides for more comfort.

Blue Card

blue nol card

A personalized card with a photo of the owner and their personal information. Safe to keep around. It can be used as a student’s ID after which you are granted discounts on fare if lost. It is available to students, elderly persons and disabled people at reduced prices.

Red Ticket

red card dubai nol

A paper ticket that is intended for occasional travelers and tourists. Perfect for short stay visitors- valid for 10 rides or 5 daily passes. It is rechargeable with a maximum validity period of 90 days

Customized Cards

custom NOL card

Also known as cards for advertising campaigns or ones with company logos on them. Meant for corporate users only thus can be used in promotions or as part of a corporation’s travel plan.

Common Issues while Balance Checking

NOL pay

What Can Be Done When a Balance Check Fails?


If your balance check fails, try a different approach. E.g., if the website is not accessible, you can use the app or TVM.

Check for Card Damages

Verify visually to see whether there are any damages on your NOL card. Machines and systems might not read damaged cards.

Talk to Customer Care

RTA customer support should be contacted in case the problem persists. They will give you guidance as well as more advice.

How to Claim and Resolve Problems of Lost/Stolen NOL Cards?

Report Immediately

  • Go to the nearest RTA customer service center or call the RTA helpline.
  • Provide your card details plus personal information for reporting purposes.

Ask for Replacements

  • Apply for a replacement card at the customer service center.
  • If it is a Personalized Blue Card, you can transfer your balance and details into this new card.

Watch out for Unauthorized Transactions

  • Be vigilant on unauthorized transactions taking place in your account.
  • Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to RTA authorities.

Minimum Balance Requirements and Avoiding Fines

Keep Minimum Balance

Ensure that your NOL card always has minimum balance so that services are uninterrupted. It is AED 15.

Avoiding Fines

To avoid fines, regularly check and top up your NOL card balance.

Make sure your balances are updated by using the methods mentioned both online and offline. This will also ensure that when they are traveling their cards have enough money. Hence, no chance of being fined. Thus, avoiding these common mistakes of traveling with insufficient funds.

Additional Uses and Benefits of NOL Card

NOL benefit

Parking Payments

The various public parking meters in Dubai are where NOL cards can be employed to pay for parking. For payment, just tap your NOL card on the designated reader at the parking meter.

Retail Purchases

Chosen retail stores and outlets acknowledge NOL cards as payment. When you visit participating stores, look out for the NOL card logo. Use it like a regular debit card by tapping it on a payment terminal.

Government Services

NOL cards also pay for fees at public libraries, municipality services among others. These integrations make easy handling of multiple transactions with one card.

Other Conveniences

In addition, there is an inclusion of the NOL cards into things such as theme park entries and recreational facilities.

The continual growth in utilization of the NOL card enhances convenience. While minimizing consumer burden associated with cash or carrying many other cards around.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Your NOL Card

tips nol balance

Regular Top-Ups

  • You need to top up your Nol Card regularly. So that you have enough balance for travel, paying parking fee or making a purchase anywhere NOL is accepted.
  • Use online methods, mobile apps, or TVMs for quick and easy top-ups.

Keep Track of Promotions

  • Stay abreast about any promotions or discounts available to holders of NOL cards.
  • Periodically visit the RTA website site or app to learn about specials offered.

Personalize Your Card

  • Consider purchasing a Blue personalized card which offers additional security. Thus, ensuring that your balance is safe even if your card gets misplaced.
  • With personalized ones, their advantage is that you can recover your balance in case they get lost or stolen.


To sum up, the methods that can be used to check your NOL card balance are many. The convenient ones are RTA website / App and SMS or offline options such as TVMs. One important thing to consider is always monitoring the balance for a smooth travel. Moreover, to avoid being fined in case of insufficient funds. Further, this versatility enables NOL cards to extend beyond public transport. Thereby, enabling parking, retail or government service payments that maximize their use.

To get the most from your NOL card, always frequently add money into it. Also stay updated about any promotions as well as evaluating personalization for more benefits.

For more information and further reading, please visit the following resources:


Visit the Tshwane Bus Service website and enter your card details.
Log in to your MyCiTi account on the official website or app.
Use your bus service provider’s website, app, or a ticket vending machine.
Log in to the Abu Dhabi public transport website or use their mobile app.
Visit your bus service provider’s official website or use their app.
Ensure your NOL card has at least AED 7.50 to avoid travel disruptions.
Table of Contents
AED 39 /day
AED 1070 /mo.
AED 49 /day
AED 1350 /mo.
AED 69 /day
AED 1370 /mo.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Balance on Tshwane Bus Card?

Visit the Tshwane Bus Service website and enter your card details.

How to Check Balance on MyCiTi Bus Card Online?

Log in to your MyCiTi account on the official website or app.

How Do I Check the Balance on My Bus Card?

Use your bus service provider’s website, app, or a ticket vending machine.

How to Check Balance on Abu Dhabi Bus Card Online?

Log in to the Abu Dhabi public transport website or use their mobile app.

How to Check Balance on a Bus Card Online?

Visit your bus service provider’s official website or use their app.

What is the Minimum Balance Required for a NOL Card?

Ensure your NOL card has at least AED 7.50 to avoid travel disruptions.