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Dubai Has Three Serious Traffic Infractions That Carry Hefty Fines

Traffic Infractions to Carry Hefty Fines
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It is common knowledge that Dubai has some of the strictest traffic regulations in the whole globe. The paradox is that there are still many people who disobey these stringent laws and rules. The Dubai authorities have taken note of this and imposed steep fines for a variety of traffic violations.

It is crucial to be informed of the Dubai Traffic Fines if you reside in Dubai. Anyone who is legally permitted to drive in Dubai and has a valid driver’s licence must be well informed about traffic laws and penalties to drive safely.

Of course, it is difficult to drive on wide congested roads especially when heavy fines are on the line. Following all driving regulations is crucial for avoiding collisions and burning a hole through your wallet.

There are some of them that have incredibly high fines attached. In this essay, we will examine three such severe driving infractions. The Dubai Traffic Police deems the following offences as significant, and they are punishable by steep fines. You receive permanent black points on your record for committing these offences. If you accrue a high number of black points, the authorities may even cancel your driver’s licence. The purpose of this information is to make you aware of these penalties so that you can exercise caution and avoid acting carelessly which could result in you having to pay these hefty fines.

Driving after intoxication

Although many people choose to break this legislation which is possibly the strictest in Dubai Under no circumstances should you drink and drive in Dubai, we stress this adamantly. In Dubai, such behaviour is completely unacceptable, and violators risk extremely severe fines of up to 20,000 AED.

Additionally, 23 black points will be assessed on your driving record. If that is not enough and the courts judge that you were significantly intoxicated, you may also be sentenced to jail time the length of which will be decided by the courts.

Traffic Infractions

Using a Mobile Device While Driving

When people travel to Dubai, they often assume that using a phone while driving is acceptable behaviour because it is in many other parts of the world. They are not, however! If you are found using your mobile phone while driving in Dubai, you could be hit with a hefty 800 AED fine. 4 points could be taken off your driving record as well.

Yes, crises can happen, and using a mobile device then becomes necessary. To use your phone for that we advise pulling over as soon as you can. Additionally, the newest cars on the market now have sound technology that enables hands-free phone use. However, you can wait to post your status update on social media!

Traversing a Red Light

A 1,000 AED punishment is imposed for this serious infraction, which also results in a month of vehicle confiscation. One’s driving record is also docked 12 points. If one runs a red light and causes a significant accident, the repercussions are extremely severe and include a 30,000 AED fine in addition to a slew of other penalties.


The driver will have a lot of issues if they break any of these regulations or have a lot of black points on their record. In addition to the substantial fees that must be paid, the driver’s record is tarnished, and penalties for subsequent offences are increased. Additionally, if you continue to disobey the restrictions, you might not receive any compensation if you want to file a claim with one of the Dubai car insurance policies.

Adhering to traffic laws pays dividends in Dubai, quite literally. The traffic laws of Dubai should be thoroughly understood and adhered to as we always encourage our customers to do.

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