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How to entertain your back seat travelers?

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Travelling to a long distance can be routine and exhausting if you are not a live wire. You can be felt very boring and compelled to sit still for very long period of time. This position is very exhaustive. Worse still, if you have a back-seat traveler, it can be much difficult. Two or more people travelling in silence can make things uncomfortable and awkward so fast you would not believe over it what happened. If you are going on a long journey with backseat travelers, you may want to keep them entertained with the following exciting tips:

Listen to Radio / Music / entertainment / podcast etc.:

Podcasts are having the new technology and having the new trend in digital media entertainment and education. A podcast can keep you well entertained, well informed, well educated, and aware with new updates and so on. A podcast is an audio platform that broadcasts a series of curated content to interested listeners. To listen in, you will have to subscribe to the program. You can listen the radio, different types of music and / or your favorite music as well. A podcast specializes in a certain position like music, sports, business, movies, education, self-care, health, and so on. Whatever podcast you choose for your backseat travelers, ensure that it has a general theme and has the potential to entertain your passengers. Most of the Rent a car in Abu Dhabi, Rent A Car in Ajman are providing the cars on cheapest rate rent and have also the podcast / music facility to entertain the travelers to pleasant their journey.


Woman sitting on backseat of a car and using mobile phone. African female traveling by a car.

Watch movies and TV shows:

Watch movies and TV shows are highly not recommended for the drivers while driving on the roads. But it sure would entertain your travelers. You just must know what TV show or program to share on the day of travelling. At this point, music videos, sports, comedy, documentaries, travel and fashion programs will be perfect to long journey travelers. You can also use the option for a load of movies. With Netflix, Hulu, and so many available video streaming platforms, you have a lot of online options. Choose the right video program to keep your travelers well excited. Car rental Dubai airport facility is also available.

Tell stories about places:

You can share your stories with respect to your personal visits, experiences and can tell the travelers regarding beautiful places. As you travel and pass-through landmarks, historic places, infrastructures, and other attractions, try to tell your back-seat drivers some stories. Act as a tour guide to tell stories, facts, and humorous ideas about attractive objects as you pass through. Every location, river, bridge, city, and settlement have its own story. You must have to be in tune with these places. Tell some relevant stories and your backseat travelers, for which the travelers will thank you for it.


Play Games:

Travelers can busy their self to play any type of their favorite game. It is just a suitable hobby to play a game when you have kids on your journey. Educate your kind kinds to prepare a list of items for their upcoming journey. As soon as they see that thing, they move to the next one and look for it. The one who finishes first, finding all the items on the cards, wins the game. You must educate and informed your kids regarding the ways to play. It’s a type of hobby, through which the travelers can keep them self-busy while during the journey.

Moreover, the above, there are many more tips / advice which you can use during journey to keep your-self busy. I have tried letting my kids each bring their own toy bag filled with small toys on road trips, and it’s not an ideal setup. And at the same time when bag falls on the floor having the toys with it, a collapse is forthcoming. You can even personalize it with your child’s name, and possibly end back-seat arguments over which snack bar belongs to which kid.

Table of Contents
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